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Prolapse mesh class actions

If you have suffered side effects because of a faulty mesh implant, the impacts on your life can be permanent and devastating. You may be able to join a class action against the manufacturer and distributor of the product, and claim compensation for your pain, suffering and loss.

Shine Lawyers' Class Actions department are currently handling two distinct actions for faulty mesh implants - the Johnson & Johnson Class Action and the AMS Class Action. If you believe you may have been impacted by one of these products, or simply want more information on prolapse mesh class actions, get in touch with Shine Lawyers today.

Johnson & Johnson / Ethicon Mesh Class Action

Shine Lawyers has commenced a class action against Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd and Ethicon for faulty vaginal mesh and tape implants that have had devastating impacts on thousands of women across Australia.

The trial against Johnson & Johnson began in Sydney on 4 July 2017, is the largest women’s health action of its kind in Australian history. Shine Lawyers has brought the action on behalf of all women across the country who have received the implants and suffered unbearable, irreparable complications.

Justice has been achieved, as on 21 November 2019 Federal Court Judge Anna Katzmann found in favour of these brave Australian women.

If you believe you have been impacted by a Johnson & Johnson mesh or tape implant, it is not too late to join the class action and seek compensation for your suffering. Follow the link below to register for the class action:

Register Now

Or to find out more, head to the Johnson & Johnson / Ethicon Class Action page.

American Medical Systems Mesh Class Action

Shine Lawyers' Class Actions department are currently also running a class action against American Medical Systems (AMS), the manufacturers of mesh and tape implants. The AMS implants are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, but have left many Australian women with severe complications.

If you have received an AMS implant and wish to join the class action, contact Shine Lawyers today and we will investigate your claim.

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