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Class Actions

Sometimes a wrongdoing can affect more than one person. If this happens, our legal team can make a group claim on behalf of everyone affected. This is known as a class action. Class actions allow individual claims to be brought together in a single action against a defendant. Joining a class action can speed up the legal process and reduce hassle and cost.

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A class action can bring to account a wrongdoer who causes widespread harm. If the case is successful, the Court can fairly divide the compensation amount between the group. Legislation varies between Australian states and territories so it’s important that you’re represented by a law firm with knowledge and experience in this area.

Shine Lawyers provide legal services on a No Win No Fee*  basis and can help you find out if you have a claim for compensation.

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How do I start a class action?

Class actions take place in the Federal Court and State Supreme Courts of Australia. There are three criteria that need to be fulfilled for the lawsuit to take place:

  1. There must be 7 or more people claiming;
  2. From the same, or similar, event/circumstances; and
  3. The claim must relate to at least one common issue of law or fact.

Class actions in Australia work on an opt-out model. This means that all potential claimants become members of the action whether they intended to participate or not. These members are bound by the judgment of the court or settlement unless they opt-out. If you are involved in a class action you will be notified.

Who is the Class Actions Team?

Shine Lawyers' Class Action team includes some of the firm’s most experienced special counsel, solicitors and support staff, including law clerks and paralegals.

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