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Class Actions

As one of Australia’s leading class actions firms, Shine Lawyers passionately fights to obtain justice for those who have been wronged and suffered loss at the hands of institutions or corporations. 

Our team of expert class actions lawyers are here to fight for you, and help you stand up for what is right. 

What is a class action?

When large companies or institutions do the wrong thing and people are harmed or suffer loss as a result, an individual can have little to no means of bringing a legal claim. Class actions are an important mechanism within Australia’s legal system that allow large groups of people to come together to pursue a claim collectively.  For a class action to take place, there are three criteria that need to be met: 

  1. There must be 7 or more people that have claims against the same defendant; and 

  2. The claims relate to the same or similar circumstances; and 

  3. The claim must relate to at least one common issue of law or fact.

Does it cost anything to join a class action?  

Shine Lawyers is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation, has access to justice. We run our class actions in a way that means you are not exposed to any costs or financial risk, so joining a class action will cost you nothing.

When a class action is successful, the legal fees and costs to run the class action are deducted from the settlement amount that is approved by the Court. If the class action is unsuccessful, we will ensure there are no out-of-pocket costs to you.

What can I expect if I join a class action?

Every class action is unique however, the class actions process will generally unfold in similar stages. Here’s what you can expect if you join a Shine Lawyers class action: 

Signing up

Signing up to a class action will involve either completing an online registration form or speaking to a friendly member of our team over the phone. Once you have provided your details, you will receive a confirmation email from Shine Lawyers to confirm your registration.

The legal journey

As the class action progresses, you can expect to play a passive role. Very little will be required from you, as the legal team running the class action and lead applicant/s will carry the bulk of the load through the legal journey.     From time to time, you may be contacted by Shine Lawyers with requests for information, or to authorise evidence requests to be made on your behalf. This information might be required to help build the case or verify your eligibility.  

At a certain point in the case, the Court will make orders that anyone who is eligible for the class action is notified of their right to opt-out of the class action.    Rest assured that through this process, your legal team will do everything possible to ensure your class action experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible and will keep you informed at every critical stage of the case. 

Case resolution

Class actions can be resolved in a number of ways. They can settle at a mediation, or they can progress to a trial, resulting in a judgment that is delivered by the Court.     The time taken from case commencement through to resolution and settlement administration depends on the particular case and the nature of the claim, and can take up to several years for the case to resolve.      When a class action is successful, the legal fees and costs to run the class action are deducted from the settlement amount that is approved by the Court. If the claim is unsuccessful, Shine Lawyers will be responsible for paying all costs on behalf of the lead applicant and all group members, which means that either way, there are no out-of-pocket costs to you. 

A Helpful Guide to Class Actions

In this user-friendly guide, we’ll explain what a class action is, and what you can expect throughout the process – from signing up all the way through to case resolution.

Shine Lawyers' Class Action Team

Our team includes the country’s most experienced class action experts and litigators, who between them have over 200 years of industry experience. Our senior practitioners are supported by a specialised team who are solely devoted to the unique field of class actions. We have the skill, industry insight and dedication to deliver the best possible outcomes for deserving Australians. See the full list of team members here.

Why Choose Shine Lawyers?


In successful settlements and judgments

We have secured more than $1 billion in class action settlements and judgments for our group members. 


years of collective experience

Our team includes the country’s most experienced class actions experts and litigators with the skill, industry insight and dedication to deliver the best possible outcomes for deserving Australians.


dedicated class actions team members

We are proudly one of the largest class actions teams in the country.  Our senior practitioners are supported by a dedicated team devoted to the complex field of class actions.

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