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Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen Potential Class Action

Low angle view of car | Shine Lawyers

Shine Lawyers is examining claims against Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen following US class actions, alleging that several vehicles have a defective timing chain, which can cause catastrophic engine failure.

Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi vehicles that contain 1.8L and 2.0L TSI and TFSI EA888 engines manufactured between 2008 and 2012 are the vehicles that have been identified as affected.

“We believe the timing chain defect is a major safety issue for drivers. The defect can potentially cause the vehicles to stop mid-journey placing the occupants of the affected vehicles in imminent risk of danger,” said Shine’s Class Actions Expert, Vicky Antzoulatos.

Similar actions have arisen in the US District Court in New Jersey and Florida.

Vehicles believed to be affected in Australia are:

Audi 2008 – 2012 Models:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • Q3
  • Q5
  • TT

Skoda 2008 – 2012 Models:

  • Octavia
  • Octavia RS
  • Skoda Superb

Volkswagen 2008 – 2012 Models:

  • Beetle
  • Eos
  • CC
  • Golf
  • Golf GTi
  • Golf R
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • Scirocco
  • Tiguan

“Our research indicates that there could be 300,000 of these vehicles currently on Australian roads. Many of these vehicles have already manifested the defect, but many may not have,” Ms Antzoulatos says.

“Given what we know about this issue from the US litigation, it is alarming that VW, Skoda and Audi have not sought to address this issue in Australia. They are potentially gambling with peoples’ lives. Drivers could be driving a faulty vehicle and be completely unaware of it. Drivers may also have incurred significant expenses having their vehicles repaired without being aware that the vehicles contain a major defect, being the timing chain tensioner.

We would encourage all drivers of the mentioned vehicles to register their concerns on our website,” warned Ms Antzoulatos.

To register, fill out the form below or call 13 11 99 with your concerns.


By way of further background, class action litigation relating to the same timing chain defect are currently underway in the United States. It was confirmed that in April of this year the U.S. Court granted preliminary approval of the proposed settlement of the seven consolidated class actions. The settlement will provide up to full reimbursement for out-of-pocket repair costs for group members who suffered failures of their timing chain system and will provide a generous extended warranty for the timing chain and timing chain tensioner to eligible group members who have not experienced the timing chain failure in their vehicles.

For eligible group members who had repairs performed by an authorised dealer, the defendant will issue checks reimbursing 100% of the repair costs paid. For replacements/repairs to the engine caused by the failure of the timing chain system, the defendant will reimburse up to 100% of the amount paid to the Defendants’ authorised dealers, depending upon mileage and time in-service of the vehicle. For repairs conducted by an independent service station, defendants will reimburse group members up to $6,500 USD for engine repair/replacement, and up to $2,000 USD for repairs/replacement of the timing chain system or certain components. In addition, the defendants will extend the warranties on the vehicles to cover timing chain system failures for up to 100,000 miles/10 years from the in-service date.

Register Your Interest

Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: July 25, 2018.

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  • Moira Williamson wrote:

    Will Audi recall these vehicles? Does it matter that I bought my car second hand privately? My car currently has 101,000 km. It is an Audi A3 Tfsi Ambition convertible

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Moira, we’re still in the investigation stage so I would recommend registering your details on the form above and our Class Action team will be able to keep you informed as things develop. ~Steph.

    • Paul Santarelli wrote:

      Hi Moria,

      You need to have the timing chain tensioner replaced asap. Mine failed & it’s a $6-9K repair job if it damages the engine. Replacement should cost approx. between $1,200-$2,000 I believe.


    • Zoran wrote:

      Go and get the chain and chain tensioner replaced. Do it in Audi service, i would recommend Audi Zagame, stay away from Audi Penfold Burwood. Pay for it and if this goes thru , you get your money back. If not, you saved yourself 7-8000.. it cost me to repair/rebuild the engine 7300 with non genuine parts. Was quoted 9800 with genuine Audi parts. No matter what, replace the chain and tensioner, it should not cost more than 2k. My chain and tensioner failed at 120k only. Always serviced at Audi and still they won’t do anything about it and on top of that arrogantly claimed that chain stretching it’s not chain failure!

    • Tanya wrote:

      My Audi A3 convertible has just done this at 64,000 ks. It is currently get looked at as this is the suspected problem. Services were up to date!

    • Tanya wrote:

      My Audi A3 convertible has just done this at 64,000 ks. It is currently get looked at as this is the suspected problem. Services were up to date

  • Demetri Giannopoulos wrote:

    Recently purchased 2011 golf with a second family car.

    A friend of mine sent me this seems to be fine till now but I’m not a mechanic and not sure what the future holds re: this potential problem.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thanks Demetri. I’d encourage you to register your interest (if you haven’t already) so our Class Actions team can keep you posted as this matter progresses. ~Steph.

    • Zoran wrote:

      The car will drive perfectly until it fails. One thing that i noticed after it was rebuilt, it runs smoothly in idle when cold. Previously it was running very rough in idle when cold. I don’t know if this is indication of loose timing chain or failing tensioner but after the engine was rebuilt, it runs smooth in idle. Hope this helps.

  • David Kee wrote:

    Could not enter purchase date for my car in the registration form which was limited to 2013 or earlier. I purchased my A6 3.2 v6 petrol in 2015 and it failed 6 months ago with 108000km on the clock.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi David, for the A6 the vehicles believed to be affected were the 2010-2012 models. Did you submit your details without the purchase date anyway? If so, our New Client Team will be able to let you know if we can help with your particular situation. ~Steph.

      • David Kee wrote:

        Sorry but it won’t let me register without the purchase date. I have tried several formats but no joy.

        • Shine Lawyers wrote:

          Sorry about that David, I’d say that’s how it’s been set up by the web guys to capture all of the information we need. You can contact our New Client Team directly (contact details are here: and they can keep a record of your details in case the dates under investigation relating to your particular model change, or let you know if we can help on an individual basis. ~Steph.

  • Gay Boaden wrote:

    Not another problem. !?? Have just had to replace the convertible roof on this car after the rear window fell out. VWA told me thay had “never had this problem”. But it couldn’t be repaired and they would fit a complete new roof for $11,500. They refused to help. I sourced an upholsterer who fitted a new roof purchased from VW’s suppliers in Germany for $3,700.

  • Jade wrote:

    My 09 q5 had the mechatronicsgo in the gear box a known issue to Audi and be at 100km now my timing chain went today at 139km so very disappointing

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear that Jade. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to submit your details to register your interest in joining the potential class action by clicking the “Enquire Now” button. ~Steph.

    • Paul Santarelli wrote:

      Hi Jade, I can do better than that. My 2009 A3 Ambition gearbox went at 40K & the timing chain destroyed the engine at 70K. Total cost around $14K.

  • Colan wrote:

    Please also look into other related issues, eg. gearbox and oil consumption.

  • Stefan wrote:

    Purchased my car October 2016. 2010 MK6 Volkswagen Golf GTI, tensioner failed 2 months after purchase at 74000kms. Cost me $9,500 to fix the engine.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear that Stefan. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to submit your details to register your interest in joining the potential class action by clicking the “Enquire Now” button. ~Steph.

    • Ainsley wrote:

      Hi Stefan,
      I purchased my 2010 MK6 Golf GTI July last year and in September my timing chain tensioner failed. My parter did some extensive research on the issue and called someone from Volkswagen Australia Headquarters. A kind man he spoke to suggested we apply for goodwill as the Timing Chain Tensioner failing is a common problem. After 3 long months of my local Volkswagen Dealership having my car, they finally approved the goodwill and agreed to cover the estimated $14,000 of parts and labor. I highly suggest that you contact Volkswagen Australia Headquarters and asked to be reimbursed as they have admitted the common fault and are paying for the repairs (when people fight it).

      • Volkan wrote:

        Dear Ainsley
        Is it possible for you to write the person you have been in contact from VW Australia Headquarters.

      • thanh quach wrote:

        wow vwa actually paid for the repair?!

      • Zoran wrote:

        Hi Ainsley,
        Would you by any chance have in writing from VW that timing chain tensioner is a common problem? I’m taking audi to VCAT now so it will be good to have that in writing.By the way, I fought with Audi for two months and they wont let it go.At the end they gave me a week to take the car out of the service and pay 1200$ inspection fee and if I dont take it ,they would have charged me 30$ storage fee per day! I had no other option than to fix the car. But they would not accept that the chain tensioner has failed but that chain itself stretched ( but not failed!) and caused the catastrophic failure.

  • George wrote:

    Are other models including the 2.0L TDI 132 KW multivan included in this? And what if I purchased my vehicle in 2017?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi George, we have not at this time finalised the model or build years affected, however, if your vehicle has an EA 888 engine, it is likely that that it will be included in a potential claim. ~Steph.

      • Alex E wrote:

        VW TSI 1.x models up til 2015 are affected too. Its a commonly known issue in Europe and VW applies goodwill policy to compensate. However the goodwill policy only applies if you have performed all service on the car in authorised workshops only. And they still refuse to properly aknowledge its a actual motor problem.

  • Jhonny wrote:

    audi best car design.

    • Colan wrote:

      At the finest.

  • Judith Halls wrote:

    Bought my Golf as a demo in March 2009. It has now done 140000 Kim’s and was thinking of trading. Do not want to give someone this problem
    Judy Halls

  • Ann Harrison wrote:

    This vehicle seems to be running ok at the moment. After reading the comments maybe i will have problems later on. Will vw recall these vehicles or will they deny there is a problem.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Ann, if you have one of the vehicles that are believe to be affected I would encourage you to register your interest in the class action so that way you can be kept updated on the progression of the investigation and VW’s actions. ~Steph.

  • Briana wrote:

    I have a new car, i will use this, do i have any guarantee

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Briana, the potential class action is still in the investigation phase, but if you register your details we will be able to keep you updated. ~Steph.

  • Davinder Singh wrote:

    Hi i baught used audi q5 in 2015
    Dealer told me it was sold by audi in 2012 but when i renew rego its showing 2009 i am suffering lots of problem its consuming engine oil 1 lt after 300 km only which definatly faulty engine by audi but they refuse to repair
    But i check online lots of people suffer same problem before audi accept and told me they pay 90 percent of repair but after that they refuse because they told me its service not done by audi before but when i check all service done according to the log book by authorised dealer plz help me in this matter

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Davinder, sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your car. If you get in touch with our New Client Team they will be able to get more information about the situation and let you know if we can help. You can find our contact details here: ~Steph.

    • Maryann Turner wrote:

      Oil consumption was a big problem after buying 2009 A4 car at end of new car warranty period (luckily from a dealer). Audi inadvertently admitted that the car had had an oil consumption test previously for excessive use (the owners obviously decided to get rid of it) – car ended up having engine replaced (under used car warranty by VW dealer – great discussions and initial reluctance to do so); thank goodness for local mechanic who talked me through it, as well as liaising with Audi and VW dealer, and the the ABC program The Checkout. Last year husband’s A3 timing belt mechanism failed catastrophically – we didn’t want to pay above 9K for replacement – Audi not at all helpful – car essentially a write-off.

  • Gareth Glasgow wrote:

    Hi All. I have a TTs 2011 that I just picked up second hand. Will keep an eye on this thread. I have registered.

  • Bill Manning wrote:

    Hi ,,
    I purchased My 2010 Audi A5 coupe
    In January 2016. It had 34,00 ks on the clock. I was unable to put my purchase date in your online form? Will I still be able to join your class action?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Bill, we’ve just updated the purchase date field so you will now be able to enter January 2016 as the purchase date of your 2010 Audi A5. ~Steph.

  • David Chapman wrote:

    No problems so far.

  • nick wrote:

    35 minutes filling out the information only to be met with “WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE CALL US OR EMAIL US” aaarrrghhhhhhh

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Nick, sorry to hear you had issues submitting the form. I have spoken with the web team who have looked into any potential issue and confirmed that the form is now working ok. I’ll contact you directly about the issue you experienced / to get your details. ~Steph

      • nick wrote:

        OK no problem, thanks Steph. Also good on you guys for taking this on as it is a common problem which AUDI AUS denied any fault or responsibility for the recall or repair. My last AUDI purchase for sure.

  • Cora wrote:

    No problems yet

  • Anthony Evans wrote:

    So far so good

  • Hugh Coyle wrote:

    There is also a well documented problem with excessive oil consumption with these engines.
    Thought I was buying a quality piece of engineering but it is unbelievable that Audi have been aware of the engine faults for years and not addressed the problem.

  • Rob Anning wrote:

    My vehicle is a 2010, Skoda Octavia VRS Wagon, which shares the same engine as the Volkswagen and Audi.
    This vehicle is currently in being repaired for a fault with the timing chain and tensioner, with an expected repair bill if $1780.00. Fortunately I suspected the fault and stopped driving the vehicle before it caused major damage.

  • Peter Stanhope wrote:

    Last year our Touareg had a castrophic engine failure which cost us just short of $17,000 for a replacement engine. It suddenly failed while we were towing a caravan. We had to be towed to the nearest VW dealer. No idea why it failed.

  • Axel wrote:

    Skoda 1.8 and 2.0 TSI engines are affected as well, why are these not considered?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thanks for the feedback Axel. We’re still in the investigation phase so haven’t settled the list of models, years and details of any potential claim. I will pass on your feedback to the Class Action team for further investigation. ~Steph.

  • Andrew Peake wrote:

    Recently had the P0016 OBD II code come up which is the precursor to the catastrophic failure of the tensioner and damage to engine. Hopefully the timing isn’t far out and hasn’t bent any valves, damaged pistons. will find out soon when its sent out to a mechanic.

  • Jerry Lewis wrote:

    I have a vw passat 2011 tsi 2.0 with a catastrophic engine failure due to timing tensioner. I would like to know how long this class action might take.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Jerry, unfortunately there is no set time a class action takes. We’re still in the investigation phase; settling the models, years and details of any claim but if you have registered for the class action you’ll be kept informed as things progress. ~Steph

  • Susan wrote:

    Very disappointing that Audi is not willing to assist in rectifying this fault when it occurs. My 2009 Audi A3, with just over 110,000kms, failed to start. The fault is failure of the timing tensioner. Now having to pay for repairs myself – $5,278. Their main objective seemed to be to discredit my vehicle service & repair history as not all carried out at Audi dealerships. A pity, great car but will be my last Audi.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Susan, sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing. If you haven’t already registered your details with the potential class action I would encourage you to do so above as your vehicle is part of the list of vehicles believed to be affected by the issue. ~Steph

    • Zoran wrote:

      I got the same issue but my car has been serviced at Audi. Still they wont accept the responsibility as I bought the car in a private sale..And they wont admit chain tensioner issue but said its the chain it self that stretched but didnt fail???!!! Audi is doing everything to avoid responsibility ..Terrible

  • mike wrote:


  • Dixie A Hennefer wrote:

    8 months after i got my audi the timeing chain went bad and sezied the motor i had purchased my car 05/24/16 its been sitting every seance i dont know what to do this was my first time buying into and i know it wasent my neglect of maintenance i only had it 8 months

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Dixie, I would still encourage you to register your vehicle for the potential class action as we’re still in the investigation phase finalising models and years of any potential claim. ~Steph

  • Kimberly Carlton wrote:

    This discussion is so interesting I have a 2007 Audi A3 Quattro turbo 2.0 tfsi petrol with 120k on the clock. I have had no end of problems with this car it’s a bottomless money pit. Uses so much oil , constantly tells me I’m out of coolant, I have an engine light that intermittently comes on and off. Guy told me the emissions needs replacing cost of $1000. It’s such a lemon and now this I use this car to transport my family in and now I’m too scared to use it with these findings anything else I should be aware of ? I think it’s time to get rid or hope someone steals it

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Kimberly, as you’ve probably already seen in comments above, we are still finalising the list of models and years affected so if you’d like to register your details for the potential class action our team will be able to keep you up to date as things progress. ~Steph

  • David Jamieson wrote:

    Nissan have had a major class action taken out against them in USA my Nissan had catastrophic engine failure last month due to timing chain snapping and as you can see this is not an isolated incident
    Why not pursue this also?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thanks for your comment David. We consider all enquiries about a possible class action that are related to our practise areas, however to start investigating the possibility requires multiple people to have been affected by the same issue to come forward. You can give more information to our New Client Team who can note the details and let you know if we can assist on an individual basis or can advise going forward if this is something we can investigate on behalf of a class. If you’d like to speak with our New Client Team, the contact details are here: ~Steph

  • David Jamieson wrote:

    Nissan have had a class action in the USA for the same issue – why not pursue this also?
    My Navara blew the engine last month due to faulty timing chain

  • Ian Lucas wrote:

    I haven’t experienced problem with timing chain. Wasn’t aware there was a problem. My vehicle is a VW 2009 Touareg V6 7L TDI. However I have a problem with coolant loss 1 to 2 litre ever 500 km. The EGR Valve, EGR Cooler and pluming has been changed 25/01/18 and still experiencing coolant loss. Vehicle has travelled 165000 km.

  • Zoe wrote:

    Just spent $4700 getting my Audi repaired. The mechanic said he repairs at least 2 Audi’s a week with the same issue. Absolute joke they are able to get away with this rubbisb

  • Terry Alvisse wrote:

    Please keep in mind that most Manufacturers do offer Goodwill for known Defects, Service History is Very important! VGA will look after their Loyal Customers!

    • Rob Anning wrote:

      I own two Skoda’, my 2010 Octavia VRS is still in with the dealer having the defective tensioner replaced. My other Skoda is a 2016. Both cars are only serviced at a Skoda dealer. I contacted VGA for Good Will on the VRS repair, only to be denied. I then was made aware of the “acknowledged failt” with tensioner, and have again contacted VGA for assistance. I’m still waiting for a reply, the car still site at the dealership. Does loyalty really matter ?

    • Rob Anning wrote:

      I own two Skoda’, my 2010 Octavia VRS is still in with the dealer having the defective tensioner replaced. My other Skoda is a 2016. Both cars are only serviced at a Skoda dealer. I contacted VGA for Good Will on the VRS repair, only to be denied. I then did some research on this fault and unearthed quite a bit of information on the internet which made me aware that there was an “acknowledged fault” with the tensioner. I have subsequently, again contacted VGA for assistance. I’m still waiting for a reply, the car still sits at the dealership. Does loyalty really matter ?

  • James wrote:

    Hi, does this cover all models for the A4? As I purchased a 2011 Audi A4 2.0, but it’s the S-Line package. Does this differ or not?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi James, yes any 2008 -2012 A4 models are included on the list of vehicles believed to be affected. As we’re still in the investigation phase we’re still settling the list of affected years and models so if you register your details with the potential class action we can keep you updated as things progress. ~Steph

  • Mike Yan wrote:

    Brought 2011 Tiguan as new car then 3 weeks ago can’t start engine. Below is the email from VW

    As per our phone discussion your vehicle requires a replacement intake camshaft. This repair includes the replacement of the :

    – Intake camshaft, seals, brackets and bolts
    – Timing chains and tensioner
    – Lower timing case cover
    – Top cover gasket

    Repair will total – $4182.00. Inclusive of parts labour and GST.

    The car just hit 100,000KM and serviced regularly by VW.

    • thanh wrote:

      So VW aren’t helping with the cost? did you bring up the tensioner fault with them?

  • thanh quach wrote:

    purchased 09 tiguan 5 months ago and didn’t find out about this faulty tensioner until afterwards.Engine has a metallic ticking sound especially on cold starts and intermittent thereafter.Been quoted $1300 to replace struggling to get the money together to do it.Sucks that you buy a quite modern car only 8yrs old with 120kms and it’s a constant stress and worry about this issue it’s not right VW doesn’t come to the table about this !!

  • Joel wrote:

    12th March ’18
    Another Golf bites the dust, 103,000km
    At the mechanics for diagnosis, but everything pointing towards timing tensioner failure

  • Daniel Gileno wrote:

    After paying for timing chain and tensioner repair on the way home I had to return because of very bad noises coming from engine, timing chain was out and has caused major damage.was given 2 year warranty for repair.
    Returning straight away within 15 min. Essendon vw now refuses to repair and has lawyered up.
    I payed $3650 for repair.
    And engine is destroyed I was quoted from another department a further $9,000 onwards to repair now.
    Volkswagen are crooks
    Can’t get an independent mechanic in Melbourne to write up a report because no one will put there name to it. Also was told by every mechanic in Melbourne won’t get involved because of risking losing business with vw. AND Not wanting to waste unpaid time if called to court.
    AND most mechanic are affiliated with or has a friend at vw so no one will help I now because I’ve spent a year fighting this.
    I’m ready to fill out v-cat forms please get back ASAP to discuss further.
    The dirty tactics I have endured from vw has been disgusting and have been documented.
    From telling me engine needs full rebuild after turning up and asking to view engine because I know what I’m looking at ( experienced ) vw changes mind to only timing chain and tensioner.
    Continues lying and acts of being a crook.
    Please contact ASAP.

    • Daniel Gileno wrote:

      Independent European specialist mechanic
      – sent golf for report , car was In workshop for 5 weeks after owner contacted me and changed mind and wouldn’t do report on vw
      – sent golf to another independent mechanic for report. Couldn’t pick up car until report was payed so I payed $ 375 to receive not a report a half inspection on bottom end to find smashed bearings in crankshaft. Didn’t remove head as I asked him too. To inspect for valve to piston contact. Not done.
      Basically said can’t determine cause but sent me a quote for repair.
      Totally a waste of time.
      How many specialist mechanics do I send to before I get a proper report stating vw repair of timing chain and tensioner has caused engine to detonate.
      Also contacted vw Australia they will not help
      Contacted vaccc to be told a very biased comment that he knows the manager at vw Essendon fields in question and said “he wouldn’t do that “ no help from VACCC
      VACCC What a joke.

      Please contact ASAP

      • Daniel Gileno wrote:


      • Zoran wrote:

        Go to Volks Affair at South melbourne. Guys are great , i got a report from them

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having with VW Daniel but it might be something we can help with on an individual basis. I’ll forward on your details to our New Client Team who will be in touch to get more information and let you know if we can help. ~Steph

  • Jan wrote:

    Hi all,
    I have a 2008 A4 2.7 TDI (Diesel)

    Is this also included in the class action?


    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Jan, diesel vehicles are not currently part of our investigations, only petrol models. ~Steph

  • DennisB wrote:

    I have a 2012 Skoda Fabia VRS which may develop the timing chain issue. It had a massive Oil Consumption issue which is well documented on Had to jump through multiple “circus hoops” with Skoda to get that fixed. It has just started happening again after 5000km. Previously it was every 1000km.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Dennis, we’re currently looking into Skoda models as part of the investigation stage, so I would encourage you to register your details so our Class Actions team can keep you updated as matters progress. ~Steph

  • Ben Hastings wrote:

    I recently did the timing chain on my partners 2009 90tsi golf as it was rattling for quite some time and VW didnt want anything to do with it. The old chain was incredibly stretched when we took it off. Still has the stalling issue with the 7spd DSG though. Additionally my Passat rattles on startup sometimes but its a massive undertaking to repair.

  • Sean wrote:

    You can add the VR6 to that list also. The VR6 in my Passat CC cost me $2500 for timing chain work… Not to mention the other costly issues I’ve had with it.

  • VW Luvver wrote:

    Not only the 2.0L TSi but the 2010-2012 1.4 TSi also

  • Dejan wrote:

    My wife just purchased secondhand Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 tsi build date July 2012 we are picking it up on 28 March 2018 which is tomorrow it has 33000km on the odometer is this car affected
    Thanks Dejan

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Dejan, the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is on the list of vehicles believed to be affected. We are currently in the investigation stage of the class action so if you’re concerned I would encourage you to register your details so our class actions team can keep you informed as matters progress. ~Steph

  • Gillian Holding wrote:

    Im so glad to see this Class Action – we had this issue with our 2010 VW Golf GTi a couple of years ago. VW wanted 10K for repair of engine but I battled them all the way until they replaced the engine for 2K. They had our car for 5 months on the ramps and think they just wanted to get it out of their workshop in the end. I showed them the Technical Service Bulletin and they denied it all the way saying it was a “one off” situation. Heres hoping this action is a success.

  • John BUrton wrote:

    I have been aware there has been a problem with the timing chain tensioner on my MY 11 Skoda VRS after reading comments on the internet .
    Always listen for a rattle when cold starting which is a sign the tensioner is failing or has failed.
    Rang the service manager at Audi Newcastle and he suggested I replace the chain,tensioner and water pump at the same time. When…he said between 95 and 100 k. I have nearly 103 k now and more concerned.
    Was thinking of just replacing the tensioner very soon.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi John, we’re still finalising the list of affected vehicles as part of the investigation stage, so if you are concerned I would encourage you register your details above and our Class Actions team can keep you updated as matters progress. ~Steph

  • John Goldsmith wrote:

    On my Tiguan, I have 162,000 km and as of yet no problems. I have been quoted from $450 just to inspect and see if the chain tensioner is faulty and up to $2550 to replace it. Very expensive proposition for something that may not even be needed.
    Or then again is it needed?

  • John Goldsmith wrote:

    Response from local Volkswagen dealer.
    “Generally tensioners do not require change unless inspected and advised otherwise.

    If you have concerns regarding the tensioner in your vehicle, I would suggest taking your vehicle into your local Volkswagen dealership so they may look into it further. From there they will advise you if there are any issues surrounding the tensioner and whether or not it requires change.

    To date, there is no known issue with the tensioner amongst our Volkswagen Tiguan”.
    The quote for inspection alone was $450.00

  • John Goldsmith wrote:

    In my post quoting the local Volkswagen dealer, I did make a mistake.
    That was not a local Volkswagen dealer, that was Volkswagen Australia head office.
    Appears I know nothing about the Timing Chain problem, well maybe they don’t.

  • Jenny Christo wrote:

    Hi Shine, The VW Golf I submitted details on is the second Golf that had the same problem. This first was written off in an accident & I purchased the current replacement Golf as I was assured that the issues had now been rectified in the new cars. The first vehicle’s issue which was a 2009 model was worse than my current Golf. Should I submit details of that car also for the action??

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Jenny, the more information we have the better, so if you submit further details of your first vehicle it can be added to the details you’ve already provided and our class action team can keep you updated as matters progress. ~Steph

  • Tom wrote:

    Hi I just buy a 2009 a3 on the 28 March and did not know about this. It had a full log book service with Audi. And I tried to register it wouldn’t let me put the 28th of March 2018. So I just put the closest state down does that matter

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Tom, we’ve just fixed up this field to allow for later purchase dates. Given you’ve already submitted your details could you please email with your full name and I will find the details you submitted and update the purchase date. ~Steph

  • Kim wrote:

    Just happened to me last week in a shopping center car park, wouldn’t start. 3/4 cylinders firing and head gasket is broken, bent valves all due to the timing chain ‘jumping a few teeth’.. Repair around 6-7k min. 140,000km Audi A4 B8 TSDI 1.8L S-Line. Good looking car with nasty issues since I brought second hand (87,000km). Keep on paying for it though!

  • Tanya wrote:


    My engine seized just a few days ago, an Audi A3, always serviced. It had on 64,000 ks. I really hope you guys go ahead with this.


    • Simone wrote:

      OMG. I think this has just happened to us… our 2008 Tiguan just started shuddering when we we’re driving along and the catalytic converter light came on.

      Took to the VW workshop.
      Told $170 to inspect.
      Told piston compression problem.
      Told it’ll cost further $1200 to strip engine to know why and then, they’ll tell us how much to fix it it after that.

      Hmmm. What do I do?
      Continue to pay the $1200 for them to come back and say it’ll be (from what I’ve read above) $4000-9000 to fix.
      Or do we write it off as just a shit thing, take it to the wreckers and get a different car.

      Disappointed I can’t use emojis right now!

      • Simone wrote:

        Took it to another mechanic for a second opinion… cracked piston #3… $5000 to fix

  • Phil wrote:

    2010 A4 2.0 tfsi SLine.
    Drove home and was missing When idling, turned it off, went to start it about 4 hours later and it sounded like a diesel truck when it started.
    Turned it off, went to restart it and nothing at all.
    Towed to my mechanic, and it’s the tensioner and the timing chain jumped, with the valves hitting the pistons.
    Long story short, need a new motor.
    $5500 is the cheapest I can find on eBay with 160,000km,
    Then consumables, new timing chain and labour I’m quoted over $10,000.

  • Karen Heavner wrote:

    Audi had to rebuild me engine due to a class action lawsuit. I was just stranded in the middle of a major intersection due to my timing belt.

  • Angela seghesio wrote:

    Hi is it for certain vehicles prior to
    2008 are not affected? I have a diesel A3 with emission issue.
    Regards Angela

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Angela, due to the current limitation period surrounding bringing a claim in this manner we can only go as far back as 2008. There may be vehicles affected prior to this time but it is unlikely that we will be able to include them in a potential claim. Our investigation is around petrol vehicles with the EA888 engine as they have been identified as being potentially fitted with the defective timing chain. ~Steph

  • Peter Pinson wrote:

    My name is Peter age 52yrs live in Sydney I brought a 2011 VW Golf GTI Adidas on 22/03/17 with only 66,000 Kim on the 6th March this year 2017 the timing chain and chain tensioner failed and the top half detonated of the motor. My trusted mechanic repaired the vehicle with a cost of $5600 but after only 3 weeks other problems have started to arise in the bottom half of the engine. I’m very disappointed with the VW brand and would not buy a European vehicle again.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your car Peter. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to register your details above for the potential class action so our team can keep you posted as matters progress. ~Steph

  • Morag Ritchie wrote:

    Hi, we bought a brand new 2011 VW Golf TSi from a Volkswagen dealership in Western Australia. It broke down after 6 weeks. 18 year old daughter driving, no acceleration on freeway, almost crashed. Had to fight with VW for them to give us a courtesy car while they waited for three weeks or so for the new clutch to be imported. We were at the very beginning of the transmission issues. We have since had FOUR clutch replacements. Last year the timing chain went, lots of stress, conversations-heated with VW Australia and it was repaired we had to come to the party too.

    Each year, if not every six months something has gone wrong with this car- the computer system hd to be replaced, another part had to be imported from Europe to try and fix the car at one point.

    This has caused me great stress especially as initially and right until there was a change of leadership at VW Australia I was treated like VW were doing me a favour when they repaired the car.

    I have all documents-all services carried out by VW. I have all documented repair documents.

    The car has not broken down since the last repair-but I am just waiting for it. It has been an absolute nightmare.


    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Morag, sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having with your car / VW. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to register your details above so our class actions team can keep you updated as matters progress with the potential class action. ~Steph

  • Bev Marsden wrote:

    I requested a refund from Audi South Africa and it was declined

  • Mathew Cooper wrote:


    Recently moving through traffic lights my vehicle suddenly lost all power causing me to stop in the middle of the intersection, facing oncoming traffic.
    This major failure has rendered the vehicle completely unsafe and has put my safety at risk, as well as the safety other road users. It is extremely fortunate that nobody was injured (or worse.

    The vehicle was towed to Audi Centre Brisbane, who have advised me that the mechatronic unit had malfunctioned.

    This same part that has now failed (the mechatronic unit of the DSG gearbox) was replaced in my vehicle in 2013, pursuant to the Audi/VW recall.
    Audi Australia have advised me that this part now needs to be replaced again and that I will be entirely liable for this cost.

    I have attempted to resolve this matter, having spoken to a representative of Audi Australia outlining my concern that a critical vehicle part that was replaced previously through a recall and having now failed again, should be investigated and replaced.

    I find Audi’s response to be deeply concerning and in bad faith, as they have taken no steps to take responsibility.

    I have raised this with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) who have expressed concern and suggested that I am in a position to progress an investigation.

  • terry wrote:

    are you also investigating the oil consumption and gearbox failure of these cars? audi will repair if they see fit but if u buy the car secondhand they will refuse to do it. requires rebuild that is normally more then what we paid for the cars. audi know of these issues and have repaired cars with full service history

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thank you for your enquiry Terry, we are currently not investigating the oil consumption or gearbox failure of the Audis at this time, however invite you to check in with us again in the future should this position change. ~Steph

    • nigel pasco wrote:

      Interesting that. I had my oil consumption issue repaired at a reduced cost after arguing the case for a couple years (while it was in warranty). Ended up paying to just get it resolved. Now, I have the timing chain issue… likely full engine rebuild.

  • Paul wrote:

    Any chance you might also like to look at an oil consumption class action as settled in the US –

    I had to continue to push the dealership to take my 2012 Golf GTi excessive oil consumption issues seriously. After presenting this case to them on numerous occasions they agreed to ‘in good faith’ rebuild the engine at no cost when the vehicle was out of new car warranty.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thank you for your enquiry Paul, we are not currently investigating the oil consumption issue at this time, however invite you to check in with us again in the future should this position change. ~Steph

  • Kam wrote:

    VW/Audi USA have just settled on this matter, admitting responsibility!

    “UPDATE: On May 14, 2018, Volkswagen agreed to a settlement that would end a multidistrict litigation claiming that many vehicles’ engines have a timing chain tensioner that’s defective. Volkswagen will cover up to $6,500 in engine repairs and $2,000 in timing chain system repairs to putative Class Members.”

  • Darren Brandes wrote:


    Volkswagen has agreed to a settlement that would end a multidistrict litigation claiming that many vehicles’ engines have a timing chain tensioner that’s defective.
    If approved, the potential VW settlement deal will resolve a two-year long multidistrict litigation.

    Story in link below

  • John wrote:

    I moved to the United States september of 2015 and bought this car to be able to commute to work and i did all the maintenance on time or defore hand, the car looks like its new. One night i went to start the car to fill it with gas and it wouldnt start, it made a funny noise and i towed it to VW where i found out i needed around $7,000 for a new engine. I had just gotten word at the company party i was working for in front of 600 employees that they where stunned by my performance and i was the first employee in the company to be suggested by management within one year of working to be sent for management training to become plant or general manager. After my car broke down i had no help since i was on my own in the United States and i charged my credit cards to be able to get to work and lost my job 2 months later. I am now in debt and stuck 2 plus years.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi John, sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately we are unable to help as we are an Australian based firm and this is an Australian based investigation. Hopefully you can get some legal assistance with your situation from a local firm. ~Steph

  • Ray goss wrote:

    Stop the car went to start it it turned over like o’clock it’s down at the mechanics he said that the timing tensioner has failed got a quote on the new motor $21,000 not happy chappy

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear that Ray. If you haven’t already registered your details above for the investigation, I would encourage you to do so as it means our class actions team can keep you updated as matters progress. ~Steph

  • Sam H-K wrote:

    I emailed my Audi Service Centre this week. They said they have no knowledge at all of any engine failures due to the timing chain tensioner and that my engine is fine.
    If my tensioner now fails even though I questioned wether it should be replaced does that mean the Service Centre is liable for any future failure and ensuing repairs?

    Separately to this my local independent European Car mechanic said the replacement is not necessary unless you hear a rattle on startup. Did anyone with a failed engine have any noise or warning beforehand?

    I have signed up for this class action but have not received any email or notification?
    Thanks Sam

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Sam, our team are looking at making further announcements on this investigation shortly. If you send an email to with some details you provided when you registered (e.g. your full name, contact number and if you know roughly when you registered your details), I can look into this for you to confirm that we received your registration for the potential class action. ~Steph

  • Adam wrote:

    Another model is the vw crafter my mate had this issue with his

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Thanks for the feedback Adam, I’ll pass it on to the team investigating. ~Steph

  • Cornel wrote:

    My 2011 A4 had a catastrophic engine failure last year and Audi (NSW) told me it would be uneconomic to repair. I sold the car for scrap losing many $,000s. might I have any retrospective claim?


    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Cornel, if the engine failure was caused by the timing chain you are eligible to join the class for the potential class action. ~Steph

  • Maria wrote:

    I am from Canada. I have a 2013 Audi A4 . We started seeing big oil consumption last year went to Audi for the test. It turned out our car even though is 2013 has the oil consumption issue. We thought for a year with Audi. They wanted us to pay $8000 in repairs. After months of battle and email to Canada CEO we getting our car fixed no payment.
    But anyways the service is absolutely horrible.
    There is no lawsuit in Canada yet.

  • Shawna wrote:

    My A4 timing chain just did the same at 118,000 miles. All my repairs are done through the dealership. At 100,000 I had engine issues took it in it was the piston rings. But they replaced the pistons,rings, rods, and cam shaft.These things were all replaced on Audi’s bill since they were in a lawsuit with the makers of the piston rings. There was no timing discussion or discussion about the timing chain. Now I have a beautiful car that doesn’t run due to a blown engine!

  • Ivon wrote:

    I have had to spend $1100 initially for Audi Centre GC whom miss diagnosed an oil consumption Issue this lead to a $10800 replacement of engine parts. Then a year later the Transmission went so that cost me $6000, Audi shirked the responsibility due to the original owner of vehicle did not follow the recommended servicing schedule even though unbeknown to myself I thought I had purchased a vehicle with a current up to date servicing schedule. Now my timing chain has come off causing valve damage and coolant pump damage costing $7000, I am broken by this vehicle both financially and my self esteem in the dirt as it seems they don’t care. I have my vehicle serviced regularly and I am required to do this as it is also a vehicle I have had to take up uber driving in order to keep up with the expenses. I wish I had the chance to make a decision not to purchase this so called luxury vehicle it was supposed to be a reward for my hard work. So devasted with these costs and the fact AUDI just point to the previous owner and say its “Their” fault. I researched and found that a class Action was filed and won in the USA in regards to the 2010 Q5 Audi oil consumption issue. Please if reading this join my facebook page I’m sure I am not alone with these problems .

    • nigel pasco wrote:

      I had similar grief with Audi GC in regards to the oil consumption issue a few years ago. Now the timing chain has caused g knows what damage… currently in the workshop 🙁

  • Sel wrote:

    I have 2009 passat r36. My timin chain be come noisey and gear is jumping i lot and sometimes loosing power. I now dsg transmissions are common problem. I i fix it. Will be really expensive. I done 148000 k but this problem been so long

  • Peter wrote:

    Have noted noisy engine noise at startups for a few seconds for about last 3 years.

    Yesterday stated ignition then car cut out. Occured twice again with engine cut out. Can clearly now hear chittery motor. Too scared to drive sending to dealer in morning for evaluation.

  • Phillip Neho wrote:

    My 2009 Audi A3 has died :(.
    After paying to have it towed, my mechanic has told me that it is the timing chain and has quoted replacement of the engine going up to $14,500. Audi have asked that they diagnose it, we paid for it to be towed to an Audi Service Centre and have been told that they would like to perform a full, pull-apart diagnostic to establish if it is the timing chain that was the cause, this will cost $1,600 + GST.
    This is all on top of it being stolen last year, being without it for 12 weeks waiting for body repairs etc, then having the mechatronics unit fail a month after it’s return (costing me $3,500 to repair).
    I loved this car, but it is doing my head (and wallet) in.
    I have registered using the form above, but am pretty sure it isn’t going to help in the immediate future. 🙁

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Sorry to hear about your car issues Phillip. The class action is still in the investigation stage, but hopefully as matters progress we’ll be able to help with your situation. Our class actions team will keep you updated going forward. ~Steph

      • Phillip Neho wrote:

        Thanks Steph – It’s been very bitter sweet. I absolutely loved the car, but the last 12 months has been the most stress inducing of my life with everything this car has thrown at me.

      • Phillip wrote:

        Hi Steph,

        Is there any update on where things are in relation to your investigation?

        • Shine Lawyers wrote:

          Hi Phillip, thanks for your message. I have asked for an update from the team leading this class action and as soon as I know more I will be able to share with you. Thanks Jaclyn.

          • Shine Lawyers wrote:

            Hi Phillip, the matter is still being investigated and as soon as we know if it is going ahead we will let everyone know. Thanks Jaclyn.

  • Adam wrote:

    Hi guys,
    I entered my details on 30 may and I haven’t heard anything back yet. A quick question, if I purchased my VW 2nd hand privately, am I still able to be part of this action?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Adam, yes, if your VW is one of the models on the list of potentially affected vehicles you are able to be part of the action. If you email with your full name and contact details I will be able to have a look in the system and confirm if we’ve received your registration. ~Steph

  • Angela Seghesio wrote:

    Hi does this affect diesel or unleaded vehicles? I have submitted the on line form but no response as yet. Thank you Angela

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Angela, the investigation is for vehicles that contain 1.8L and 2.0L TSI and TFSI EA888 petrol engines. ~Steph

  • Gregory Nguyen wrote:

    Are you sure the Volkswagen Golf R should be on this list? My understanding is that the Australian delivered ones have a variant of the EA113 engine, with the engine code being CDLC more specifically.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Gregory, we are continuing to investigate which models have been fitted with the defective timing chain in Australia as they are in some circumstances different to those models found overseas. We would encourage you to register for the class action until we are able to obtain a definitive answer on all of the affected models, that way we can keep you informed as to how this potential matter is progressing. ~Steph

  • Gavin Kenny wrote:


    What about the Audi USA class action regarding oil burning issue…????

    10,500 – 17,000 repair for piston and rings upgrade, what about the environment, diesel gate, oil gate…?

  • Taneile Gee wrote:

    I was wondering if you might extend your investigation to include Mini? This is also a known issue for these cars, and recalls have been issued in other countries.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Taneile, thanks for the feedback. We’re still in the investigation phase so haven’t settled the list of models, years and details of any potential claim. I will pass on your feedback to the Class Action team for further investigation. ~Steph.

  • Sam wrote:

    Had multiple problems with my tiguan major fails have been double timing chain over 3 years. oil leak at the beginning of 2018 and now mid 2018 my partner was driving the car and on the highway lost engine power…
    Car got towed to dealership and they are asking for 6 hours at $1000. Said the problem was no compression in the cylinder causes csn be a cracked piston.

    The car is 4 to 5 years old and we just paid it off this month june 9.
    Now major engine failure.
    Sounds like conspiracy or at very least wear and tear to keep you paying for their products and services.

    What should i do?

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Sam,

      Sorry to hear about your problems. I would advise to contact our support team at to see if we can help in the matter. ~Toby

  • Bruce wrote:

    Have not experienced failure of the timing chain tensioner but am considering getting the item changed to the new part. Being in Darwin, who could do the job? Only can think of the VW Dealer. Wish there was a good independent in town.

  • Volkan wrote:

    I had a 2011 volkswagen passat tsi wagen 157000 km Out of warranty . Took it to a volkswagen dealer in Melbourne and applied for a goodwill. after a week they have accepted it didn’t pay any dollars. They have replaced timing chain cylinder head and pistons for free. My advice is for everyone is .apply for a good will. They will look after you if you have a full service history in vw dealer.

    • Diggity wrote:

      Hey mate, got a 2011 Golf with compression issues and I’ve also been told by my local dealer if they strip the engine (or course costing me $1020) and it’s a manufacturing fault, then they will do a goodwill…I just want to make sure it does happen and it’s not dependent on me purchasing another vehicle.

  • Anthony Cleary wrote:

    VW Golf GT Sport, 1.4 twin charge, engine common with Audi & Skoda. Renowned for cam chain stretch and tensioner fail.
    Vehicle purchased privately, well maintained vehicle with log books up to date. Vehicle had 85,000km when purchased. After service engine warning light with code identified, “Cam shaft position slow response”. Further diagnosed by mechanic as suspected stretched cam chain. Cam chain replaced, guides, tensioner, etc. Cost $2100 and week without car. Independent mechanic, as soon as he saw the car said, “another one”!

  • Janet R wrote:

    We purchased our Golf TSI new in 2010. We religiously serviced with VW until our last service was due in June when we moved to another repairer who had mentioned to us that we needed to check the chain tensioner. We rang VW Australia who said they couldn’t give us any information about this part or if it had been manufactured badly. We rang our VW service section in ACT who confirmed that chain tensioners were “improved” after 2014, so our car would have had the previous version. We went ahead with the repair from the new service company -it cost $2000. He told us we were mm from a disaster.

  • Michael Franschman wrote:

    What can I do if we are from Canada and have the same issues, cost was $6,000 to fix.

  • Debra Ferrell wrote:

    My daughter has a 2007 A3 and the timing belt just “quit” mid-journey Monday. She was on a curvy road almost home. Thankfully she wasn’t hit or hurt, but we are having a heck of a time finding someone to work on it because they all knew about this defect.
    We are in the US. Where can we find contact info for the US litigations?

  • Angeline O'Bryan wrote:

    Audi A3
    Single owner since new 2010
    111,000 k’s
    Timing chain needs replacing
    Quoted $4,500 for a car I paid $55,000 for.
    Very disappointing

  • mnapreet wrote:

    hi i ve got audi a4 2009 quattro 2.0
    the car has done engine rebuilt done in april 2016 till them it was working fine but last month it has suddenly gone out of compression , the engine clicking sound when started and after it completely silent
    got it checked yhe issue is timing chain
    i called audi australia and also national warranty company as ive got warramty on car
    both of them refused to pay the cost
    i am quoted $3500-4000aud for the repairs
    dont know what to do …
    so dissappointed with the car i dont know why they sell these faulty cars at very high price…

  • Jeremy Page wrote:

    I have a 2011 Audi A4 1.8
    I have my 4 year old son and I rely on my car very heavily to get my son to school everyday and around town.
    I am worried this issue could happen to mine at any given moment and put myself and my son in danger.

    I am not very happy with Audi denying this is a safety issue when they lost the case in the united states of America

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Jeremy, thanks for getting in touch. Please do get in touch with us either via the online form or contact our New Client Service team who will be able to answer any of your questions. All the information can be found here:

  • Chris Jokinen wrote:

    Happy I found this, my wife’s VW EOS just had the timing chain go a few days back at 129,000kms (full dealer service history). Mechanic is still determining the extent of engine damage but it it definitely extensive.

  • Joshua Rex wrote:

    Please investigate a class action against Audi Australia and the oil consumption issue. The early versions of TFSI petrol engines (up to 2012) found in the A5, A4 and Q5 have an inherent design fault which leads to high consumption of oil and ultimately engine failure.

    In 2014 a class action lawsuit was brought against Audi in America. Audi made a settlement offer to American owners. This extended the manufacturers engine warranty to 8 years or 80,000 miles, and fully covered the cost of the required repairs, up to and including a new engine.

    Furthermore and as a result of this finding in America, as of 2015 Audi in other countries are now making 100% contributions to remedial work for affected cars that meet their criteria, up to and including a new engine.

    Audi Australia appear to be willing to do nothing.

    • nigel pasco wrote:

      Thanks for raising this. I was one of many (it seems) that had to pay myself for this oil consumption fault to be repaired – even though the issue was present within warranty period when Audi said it was not an issue at that time). Was a $4000 repair (at reduced rate) at the time. Audi Q5 2012.

      I would be very interested in such a claim being brought in Australia.

      • Shine Lawyers wrote:

        Hi Joshua, thank you for reaching out to us. If you would like to be a part of our class action then be sure to register your interest on our page.

    • David wrote:

      Completely agree Re oil consumption, my 2011 Audi A5 has had the issue from very early on after I purchased the car brand new. I even had the Audi oil consumption test completed while under warranty and they advised it just passed the threshold set by Audi aust. I recently went back because it has become progressively worse and provided copies of all of the scheduled servicing completed as per logbooks and the dealer would only offer a 10% goodwill discount. Given this is a a known fault Audi should repair free of charge period.

  • nigel pasco wrote:

    It is very sad that Audi did not make (and have yet to make) their customers aware of this issue.

    My 2009 Audi Q5 would not start up yesterday. Mechanic has confirmed it is timing chain issue, which has caused total engine failure at 215km.

    This is the second major issue I have had with this car, both due to ‘known’ issues… the previous was the oil consumption issue that I ended up out of pocket to have repaired even though the issue was present during warranty period.

    Lovely car, but the ongoing defects – and cost of repairing them – has been a nightmare.

  • David Zhang wrote:

    2013 AUDI A4 2.0T (MY14)
    Now has 60,000KM and timing chain tensioner failed, car won’t drive. Worked and saved hard to buy the vehicle when I was 26. This was not what I expected.

  • Max wrote:

    I bought 2010 Audi A4 1.8T 2 years ago from someone and found oil consumption issue recently
    The car is misfiring badly due to piston ring issue.
    I have a quote from euro car specialist mechanic and need to replace piston rings as engine re-build
    Can you please advise me if you have done the case or similar cases?

    Thank you

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Max, a member of our New Client Team will be able to talk you through the services we offer and if we can help. Contact details are here:

  • Luisa Moncada (Frank Moncada) wrote:

    Dear Vicky Antzoulatos,
    Thanks for talking to me today over the phone regarding my wife’s car. I have registered for the class action. Our car details 2010 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI 2L.
    When trying to select the date of problem manifestation it would not let me enter 18 August 2018 (as calendar stopped at March 2018). 112,000 kms (in 8 years) bought new from volkswagen 1 owner and catastrophic timing chain cylinder head gaskets, etc. I hope you can help us in near future.
    Best Regards
    Frank Moncada

  • Daniel Strybosch wrote:

    Hi Shine,
    Can I ask why the Golf 1.4litre GT Sport is not added to the list?
    These cars also have the timing chain are also experiencing catastrophic engine failure due to timing chain stretch.
    I would be very interested in having this added to the list as I have one of these cars which has experienced a catastrophic engine failure – which Volkswagen have investigated and confirmed.


    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Daniel, thanks for your question! This class action is still being investigated by our team, so any further information you can give us would be helpful in the investigation. You can give more information to our New Client Team who can note the details and let you know if we can assist on an individual basis or can advise going forward if this is something we can investigate on behalf of the potential class action. If you’d like to speak with our New Client Team, the contact details are here:

  • Nick wrote:

    Hi Vicki,
    I believe the 118 tsi Skoda yeti needs to be added to thank you last if affected vehicles.
    I have recognised the timing chain problem in its infancy. I’m hoping to get it fixed under good will.

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