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Bushfire Insurance Claims

Australian Outback | Shine Lawyers

The damage left in the wake of a bushfire can be insurmountable and can leave homes, properties and businesses with hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair costs. When bushfires attack, an insurance claim quarrel is the last thing you want to be dealing with. If you are facing an insurance claim dispute relating to a bushfire, legal options may be available to you. We have the experts who can help you understand your rights and entitlements.

While we focus on the legal side of things, you can focus on getting your life back on track. Our expert Disaster Recovery team will answer any questions you have regarding your claim and will be with you every step of the way.

If you have sustained burn-related injuries, click to read information about your rights here.

Our offer to you

  • Obligation-free consultation to assess your case confidentially

  • Claim assessment process where we will explain all of the options available to you

  • We can come to you - if you can't make it into the office we're more than happy to come to you

  • No Win No Fee arrangement

Common questions about Bushfire Insurance Claims

It is important to remember that no two claims are the same and that compensation will depend on the particular facts of your situation.

If you have experienced losses due to a bushfire, we can help you.

Even if you aren’t covered under your insurance policy, you may still have the right to compensation under some circumstances.

If a bushfire has damaged your property or business, chances are you contacted your insurance company right away – and that’s okay. Unfortunately for most, this is just the start of a very dark time as they try to rebuild their lives.

It is common for insurance companies to use techniques to try and wear you down and avoid paying you what you’re legally entitled to. They will often try to argue that your property or business is not covered by your insurance policy.

Our team of insurance recovery experts will take on the big guys and get you the outcome you need. We understand you may not have the time, money or energy to go head to head with your insurer or broker – but we do and that is where we shine.
Step 1 – Policy review
Reviewing your insurance policy is the first step we will take in order to understand what you’re entitled to claim. We’ll tell you straight up what you can expect.

Step 2 – Property analysis
Our team will even come out to your property – if required - and see for ourselves the full extent of the damage. We’ll record our findings in a way that insurers will understand to increase your chances of success.

Step 3 – Negotiation process
Once all the reviews of policy and losses are complete, negotiations will begin with your insurer to get you what you’re entitled to. Your claim will be resolved if we reach an agreement and you’ll get the money you need to rebuild your life.

Step 4 – Legal action
If we are unable to reach an agreement with your insurer, then we may start court proceedings on your behalf. We’ll stay calm and will never back down when things get heated. Our track record of wins against the big guys should leave you confident that you’re in safe hands.
If we win, your insurance company will pay your bushfire compensation.
Each claim is carefully assessed based on the impact the bushfire has had on you, your business or property. The amount you can claim will depend on your policy.

We can give you a better idea of what to expect, once we understand the facts of your case.
We’ll be able to give you a better idea of the time the bushfire compensation process might take after we meet with you to get an understanding of your situation. Every case is different but the length of the bushfire compensation process will usually depend on how complicated your claim is.
The usual time limit to make a claim is six years from the date the bushfire occurred but limitation periods differ between states so it’s best to lodge a claim as soon you can, preferably within 12 months.

If it has been longer than six years since the bushfire occurred, exceptions are sometimes possible so get in touch and we’ll work hard to get you the outcome you need.
We will work on your behalf on a No Win No Fee basis so you’ll only pay our fees if you win your case at the end of the claim. We are open and honest about what we charge because the last thing you want to stress about is money.

The amount of legal costs at the end will depend on the amount of work required to resolve your claim. This is all recorded on an ongoing basis and you can ask for an update on how things are looking at any time.
It doesn't matter if you are located close or far away from a Shine Lawyers office - we will always provide the same, expert advice and manage your claim with the same level of quality and commitment.

Our compensation experts are in the following locations:


New South Wales


Western Australia
Shine Lawyers are expert insurance recovery lawyers that can help you get the compensation you need during this difficult time. Click on the links below for more information about how Shine Lawyers can help.

Why you should choose Shine Lawyers to handle your disaster insurance claim
Hear from some of our clients
History of Shine Lawyers
The Shine Lawyers team
Shine Lawyers are experts in dealing with insurance disputes and are one of the biggest insurance recovery law firms in Australia. We have the experience and nous to go up against the big insurance companies and get you the result you are looking for.

At Shine Lawyers, we are committed to preserving the rights of people affected by bushfires and holding to account insurance companies who attempt to dodge their duties. You will have your own go-to team, who are always available to chat and who understand the importance of explaining things in plain English.

Hear from some of our clients below who have been through the legal process with us.

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Disaster recovery experts

Disaster recovery experts

In the aftermath of a disaster, getting what you are entitled to from your insurance company can be extremely difficult. Our disaster recovery experts can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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