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We are ready to take action and ensure you receive your entitlement to right wrong. 

How can our wills and estate lawyers help?  

Having the right legal advice and support is important to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Our wills and estate lawyers can assist with all of the following: 

  • Contesting a will  

  • Estate administration  

  • Applying for a Grant of Probate 

  • Applying for a Grant of Letters of Administration

Contesting a will

Laws exist to ensure a deceased person’s assets are appropriately distributed to those who are eligible.  

You may have legal grounds to contest a will if: 

  • You believe the will fails to make adequate provision for you 

  • You can show that the deceased was not of sound mind when they made the will 

  • You believe the deceased was pressured or threatened to sign the will 

  • You were made a promise by the deceased that if you did something for them, they would provide for you in their will

Estate administration

Our wills and estate lawyers can assist you with all aspects of estate administration, allowing you to grieve without having to worry about the legal complexities.  

We provide sensitive and considered advice on: 

  • Funeral arrangements 

  • Applying for probate or Letters of Administration 

  • Preserving assets 

  • Gathering assets and paying liabilities 

  • Defending the estate from any legal challenge 

  • Distributing property to beneficiaries 

Additional case types

Our team of wills and estate lawyers will help you understand all the options available to you in more detail. Depending on the circumstances of your issue, you may also require assistance with:

Need wills and estate legal support?

We’re here to make the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Legal process wills and estate cases

We listen and assess your case confidentially

During your initial obligation-free consultation, in person or over the phone, we’ll take the time to listen and understand your individual needs. We’ll then map out the next steps and explain all the options available to you. 

We’ll prepare your matter and keep you informed

Your expert legal team will work with you to gather all the information for your matter. All information will be considered so we can assess your options and provide guidance tailored to your specific situation.

If required, we’ll negotiate where appropriate to settle your case

This may involve directly approaching the those involved to engage in informal negotiations outside of the court process. We know that you’ve been through enough. Wherever possible we will seek to minimise any stress this process could have for you and resolve your claim in a way that is sensitive to your needs.

If required, go to court

Only a small percentage of cases result in a court hearing. If this happens, we will be by your side; providing support, compassion and skilled legal representation every step of the way.

Resolve your case

We will passionately work to deliver the outcomes you deserve and maximise your entitlements.


We do our best up-front to make sure you understand your legal case, including the fees involved.  

Legal services to contest a will are offered on a No Win, No Fee* basis.  

Estate administration is charged at an hourly rate.  

During your no-obligation initial consultation, our team will explain the process and outline the fees specific to your situation.

We're here to help

Wills and estate FAQs

Can I represent myself, or do I need a will lawyer?

It is possible to legally represent yourself and prepare a will on your own accord, however, doing so successfully will likely require a thorough understanding of the law, your legal rights and entitlements. 

Most people choose not to act for themselves and instead engage a wills and estate lawyer who is an expert in their field and can provide the knowledge and experience required to help guide you are every step of the way.

Why trust Shine to be my wills and estate lawyers?

We have helped thousands of Australians right wrong and access more than $1 billion per year in entitlements and compensation through our expert services. 95% of the cases we represent are settled without the stress of going to court. With our 1000+ workforce and business maturity, we have the scale, expertise and agility to take on the tough cases and win.

Where are the wills and estate lawyers from Shine located?

Access to justice is important to us, and when it comes to Shine, location is no barrier. Click here to see all our wills and estate law locations. 

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