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Car Accident Compensation Made Easy

Shine Lawyers are experts in motor vehicle claims, our experience and determination will ensure we make the process easy and get the best result for you.

Why bring about a car accident compensation claim now?

When it comes to making a car accident compensation claim, it’s best to act quickly to allow your legal team time to fully investigate your situation and build a comprehensive picture of how your life has been affected so they can then build the strongest possible case. If you leave it too late, you may even forgo your right to make a claim forever. The law sets strict time limits for car accident and motor vehicle claims and these are different for each state and territory in Australia. It’s important you act fast so the opportunity to claim is not lost.

Common Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Nobody plans for or expects to have a car accident. Yet accidents can happen any time and any place and sometimes the outcome can be deadly. So what are the most common kinds of injuries you’re likely to sustain in a motor vehicle accident? And how do you make a claim for compensation?

It could result in more compensation to you

Bringing a claim forward with us quickly can make a big difference when it comes to maximising your entitlements. Acting early may allow us to build a strong case that considers the full scope of your injuries and the effects they are having on your life. It may also mean you get more compensation at the end of the process.

Don’t wait for your state commission or authority to assess your claim

You shouldn’t rely on the relevant state body to assess your claim and provide compensation entitlements. It’s important you receive independent legal advice as soon as possible and always before you are assessed. Otherwise, you may not receive the full range of compensation entitlements as a result.

Why bring about a car accident compensation claim at all?

Safeguard your future

Bringing about a car accident compensation claim for injuries you have sustained on the road is an important decision for you and your family. The compensation you receive could have a huge impact on your life and the welfare of you and your family.

If you don’t bring a claim forward it could mean severe hardship later on in life. It’s important you are armed with all the facts so you can make an educated decision on whether or not to pursue a claim, which is why we recommend speaking to one of our lawyers. You’ll receive a good understanding of your rights and options moving forward in an obligation-free environment.

Road users pay CTP insurance for a reason

When you bring about a car accident claim, in most cases, it’s the insurance company of the person at fault that will pay you the compensation rather than the individual themselves. It’s a common misunderstanding that those at fault will be the ones that have to pay you the compensation for what’s happened, but this is very rare in motor vehicle claims. The claim is almost always against the insurance company and the person involved doesn’t typically pay the compensation out of their own pocket.

Less stress for you and your family

Bringing about a claim for car accident compensation usually isn't as stressful as it may seem. Knowing that legal experts are handling your claim can provide peace of mind and may also provide clarity on what to expect for the future.

As experienced lawyers, you can feel comfortable knowing that we will work hard to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. That’s part of our job. This allows you to focus on you and your family.

Why bring about a claim with Shine Lawyers?

Getting legal advice following a car accident can be quite daunting at first. There can be a lot to take in and some courage may be needed to ask for help in the first place. Shine Lawyers will listen carefully and ensure that we explain things clearly to reduce the stress upon you. We can get you the compensation you deserve which can help you access the rehabilitation services you need to get your life back on track.

We explain things in plain English

Shine Lawyers makes sure we don’t bombard you with legal jargon. We’ll explain things in plain English and keep in regular contact so you always know exactly how your claim is progressing. We want to you to feel comfortable that we’re handling things appropriately.

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