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Amputation Compensation Claims

Serious injuries and accidents which lead to loss of a limb can be a very traumatic events, often resulting in the need for big readjustments to all aspects of one’s life. Beyond prostheses, there may be a need for physical and mental rehabilitation, adaptions to lifestyle and home, and readjustments of relationships with employers and loved ones.

We understand that these adjustments come at a significant personal and financial cost. Whether your injury is a result of a motor vehicle accident, work place accident or medical negligence, the experts at Shine Lawyers will ensure that this cost is compensated.

Amputation involving trauma

Traumatic amputations refer to the loss of a body part as a result of an accident or injury. Trauma is one of the leading causes of amputation, and is most often a result of a workplace injury involving heavy machinery, motor vehicle accident or exposure to combat and conflict. The immediacy and shock of such a life-altering event will often result in emotional trauma and, thus, the need for multi-faceted and holistic rehabilitation support.

Amputation involving diseases

Disease or infection is the most common causes of amputation. Peripheral arterial disease, which results in damage to or narrowing of the arteries often leads to poor blood circulation and may result in amputation. The often long road to surgery, and post-surgery recovery are emotionally and financially draining times for both the patient and their family. If the disease has progressed as a result of negligent or inadequate medical attention, we may be able to assist you.

Types of amputations

Just as there are numerous causes of amputation, there are also various types of amputations. Upper body amputations can involve partial hand or finger, full hand and wrist (wrist disarticulation), below the elbow (transradial), lower arm including the elbow (elbow disarticulation), above the elbow (trans-humeral) or full arm (shoulder disarticulation).

Lower body amputations can involve partial foot, below the knee (transtibial), lower part of the leg including the knee (knee disarticulation), above the knee (transfemoral) or full leg (hip disarticulation). Whatever the cause or type of amputation you have suffered, our team is well-versed ensuring you receive the care you require.

Our offer to you

  • Obligation-free consultation to assess your case confidentially

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Common questions about Amputation Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an amputation as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, there is a strong chance that you are entitled to claim compensation for medical expenses, emotional and psychological suffering and treatment, and loss of income. Your claim will depend upon many factors – whether the amputation was a result of trauma or disease, where it occurred, when it occurred and what treatment is required.

At Shine, we specialise in personal injury claims and specifically in worker’s compensation, medical negligence and motor vehicle accidents. This means that we are expertly positioned to guide you through a claim that may otherwise seem daunting.

No. You will not have to wait until the settlement of your claim before accessing a prosthetic. The law recognises that prosthetics are vital to recovery, and personal injury claims can take some to reach conclusion. At Shine, we understand the importance of putting your best case forward – which may take some time – without compromising your ability to recover in the meanwhile. We understand how important it is to begin the process of rehabilitation as soon as possible and are committed to securing this for you.

For most personal injury claims, there is some time limitations. This means that legal action must be commenced within a certain period of the date of the injury. Otherwise, your claim may be barred by statute. Despite this time limit, we recommend initiating your claim as soon as possible so that you can access the benefits of compensation as soon as possible and begin to rebuild your life.

Shine Lawyers has offices in the following locations across Australia. As part of our service offering, home or hospital appointments can be arranged at your convenience.


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Shine Lawyers has expert neck injury lawyers that can help you determine your rights and bring forward an injury claim on your behalf. The below links contain further information regarding your legal options.

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Shine Lawyers also has accredited specialists in personal injury law in Australia:

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