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No Win No Fee Services

What does No Win No Fee* mean?

Our No Win No Fee model is simple.

We believe we can win your case. In fact, we are so confident that, if your case is unsuccessful, you won’t be charged for any of our legal fees.

No one should be denied justice due to legal fees. So, we charge no upfront fees, and we offer free consultations, meaning we fight for justice on behalf of our clients no matter what their financial situation.

This promise is at the core of many of our legal offerings, including personal compensation claims, class actions and will disputes.

Some of our No Win No Fee legal services include:

How do I know if my case is No Win No Fee?

We do our best up-front to make sure you understand your legal case, including whether your case is on our No Win No Fee basis.

Before work on your case begins, we’ll prepare a Client Agreement which contains all the key information about the estimated fees and costs of your claim.

One of our lawyers will go through this document with you, as well as answer any questions you may have, in one of our free consultations.

If you’re not sure whether your potential claim is No Win No Fee, contact us — we’re happy to let you know if your case would qualify.

How much do No Win No Fee lawyers charge?

Because every client’s case is different, so are their legal fees.

Generally, the more work done on a case, the higher the total fee. This is based on either an hourly rate agreed between us and our client, or based on rates set by law.

In personal compensation claims, fees are never based on a percentage of the client’s total compensation. This is common in some overseas legal jurisdictions, like the United States for example, but is not allowed in Australia.

Questions about fees? Contact us

If you have questions about our fees or another aspect of our services, please feel welcome to contact us or over the phone.

If you’d like to arrange a chat with one of our lawyers, we offer free, confidential consultations.

As one of the oldest and best No Win No Fee law firms in Australia, we are proud to have delivered justice for thousands of deserving Australians since 1976.

*Conditions apply

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No Win No Fee arrangement

Common Questions

No, the amount of compensation claimed in your case will reflect the harm or damage you’ve suffered, not the fee agreement with your lawyer.

A class action is a legal action representing seven or more claimants. They can grow to represent hundreds, even thousands, of clients, depending on how many people have been wronged. We run our class actions, like the Johnson & Johnson case, on a No Win No Fee basis. The size and complexity of major class actions means they take significant resources to run and can be extremely expensive, requiring the support of a litigation funder.

Litigation funders

In some cases, Shine Lawyers will partner with a ‘litigation funder’ — a business which takes over the costs and risks of the legal action in exchange for a potential commercial return if the claim is successful.

What this means for clients is, should the class action be unsuccessful, they won’t have to pay anything.

If the class action is successful, the litigation funder will receive a commercial return on their investment, Shine Lawyers will be paid the balance of their fees and claimants will receive their distribution of the settlement. Any settlement must be approved by the Court, which will consider whether it is a fair and reasonable outcome for claimants.

Where you are located isn't a barrier when it comes to obtaining the services of our expert No Win No Fee lawyers. We have branches across the country and can provide video conferencing or home visits.

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