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Solar and Wind Farming

With the rapidly changing energy market and the rise of solar and wind farming, landholders are being presented with new opportunities to use their land. While there may be some benefits for landholders, it’s essential to seek legal advice and fully know your rights along with the potential risks that may occur long term.

Shine Lawyers Energy Legal Team

Shine Lawyers have an experienced and knowledgeable legal team who can help landholders navigate the sale or lease of land to a renewable energy company. With considerable insight into dealing with these types of lease negotiations, Shine Lawyers can help you pursue outcomes that work for your unique situation.

What do I need to know about leasing my land to a renewable energy company?

As a landholder, the proposition of having a passive and regular income through leasing land to a solar or wind farm can be an alluring option. Knowing that, whether you’re going through good or bad times, you’ll be receiving a regular source of income can be a positive thing. Before entering into an agreement or signing a lease, there are a lot of things to consider such as:

  • Obligations you may have
  • Obligations the operator may have
  • What happens if you decide to sell the property or the operator goes into liquidation?
  • What will happen to potentially useless or even dangerous equipment at the end of the lease?

Renewal options

Shine Lawyers can help you decide whether a lease is right for you and your future and help you pursue lease terms that work for you both now and in the long-term.

How can I find out more about Shine Lawyers?

Shine Lawyers’ experienced energy lawyers can help you protect your interests under the law as a landholder. Click here for more information about the Shine Lawyers service and how we can help you.

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