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Landholders’ Compensation

As a landholder who’s impacted by a resource or road project, it can be overwhelming to know how to negotiate to get the best deal for you and your future livelihood. Shine Lawyers have considerable experience when it comes to knowing your rights as a landholder, as well as understanding the stress and inconvenience it can have on your life. Please note, Shine Lawyers only offers landholder compensation services for our Queensland clients.

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and Mining

CSG mining can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your property, and as a landholder, it's important to know your rights. Shine Lawyers have an experienced legal team in Landholders Compensation, who can assist you to negotiate with the big resource companies. This includes Arrow Energy's Surat Basin CSG development.

Solar and Wind Farms

With the rapid changes in the energy market and the increase of solar and wind farms, there are new considerations for landholders. With tempting offers from energy companies, it can be difficult to navigate agreements and lease terms. Shine Lawyers can offer landholder-focused legal advice to help you pursue outcomes that work for you.


Water is the source of life, with severe drought and increasing demands on our water system, water is more precious than ever. Our dedicated legal team can help you negotiate your way through this rapidly changing field of water regulation.

Resumption of property

When the highways are widened and new roads slated for construction, it can be difficult to understand what your rights are as a landholder. Shine Lawyers have a depth of knowledge and experience to offer tailored legal advice to help you pursue results that work for you and your property.

Inland Rail Project

The looming construction of the Inland Rail line from Melbourne to Brisbane, will significantly affect many landholders in the proposed railway corridor. Shine Lawyers experienced Landholders Compensation team, are able to fight for your rights to help you protect your interests under the law.

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