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Changes to Comcare scheme medical assessment frequency

Written by:
Katrina Stouppos
Associate, Team Leader - Federal Compensation

What is Comcare and who can access the scheme?

If you’re a Commonwealth or ACT government employee who has suffered a work-related injury, you can access compensation through the Comcare scheme. Earlier this year, some changes were made to the Comcare scheme to limit the frequency of medical assessments required and reduce the stress of injured workers.

How many assesments are too many?

Under the scheme, an employer can request an injured employee to attend an assessment with a suitably qualified practitioner. These assessments may provide useful information about someone’s injury and their capacity for work. On rare occasions, these assessments may be stressful and unhelpful, particularly if they are required on numerous occasions.

To help alleviate employee stress at times of injury, a limit has now been put in place around how often an employer is permitted to require an employee to be examined by the same practitioner. An employer can now only request an assessment of an employee every four or more weeks.

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Written by Katrina Stouppos. Last modified: May 26, 2019.

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