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Deception Bay resident’s property destroyed after super storm

Deception Bay Lawyers | Shine Lawyers

Following the recent floods in Deception Bay, Queensland, Shine are now working with a number of residents in the area whose properties have been affected and damaged. Our disaster insurance recovery team is investigating the legal rights of these residents who have suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.

Deception Bay resident, Karen De Bruin, is one of many locals whose home was severely damaged after Friday night’s downpour.

“We do not understand why we have flooded as we have never had water come into our property like this in any other major storm, cyclone or intense rain before…we want answers,” she said.

Officials from the Department of Transport and Mains Road are currently investigating whether the new Morten Bay Rail Link construction may have caused increased flooding in the area.

“This event has been devastating for so many families including ours and we need to ensure our concerns and rights are heard loud and clear before this devastation occurs again.”

More than 100 homes have been rendered uninhabitable as a result of last Friday’s storm and due to the influx of claims, it has now been classified as a catastrophe by the insurance body.

The government is offering assistance to people in Deception Bay, those whose homes have been severely damaged will receive emergency accommodation and essential household contents grants.

“We have chosen Shine Lawyers to investigate on our behalf and hope many other affected people will join us.”

Shine Lawyers are currently acting for flood-affected North Queensland residents whose properties have been damaged in similar circumstances. This is not the first case we’ve seen where new developments have caused a catchment to experience flash flooding during heavy rainfall.

If you have experienced loss as a result of recent flooding in and around the Deception Bay area, Shine Lawyers may be able to help.

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Written by George Newhouse

Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: March 14, 2018.

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