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Dudley Ingram - TPD claim success stories

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Superannuation and disability insurance

If you need help accessing your full insurance benefit, or you’ve had an insurance claim rejected, the Shine Lawyers’ insurance and superannuation experts are here to help. Watch Dudley’s story to see how we were able to help him get his life back on track.

Dudley Ingram was 62 years old when he approached Shine Lawyers in serious need of help.

He had worked on the railway his entire career, running his own business specialising in railway consulting and project work.

While on the job, Dudley experienced an unexpected, immediate loss of balance and control over his legs. He would learn later he had suffered a stroke.

The stroke caused permanent damage to Dudley’s legs and left him feeling dizzy whenever he stood up. Following months of tests, Dudley’s doctors confirmed the devastating news that his condition had no prospects of improvement and he wouldn’t be able to return to work.

Roadblocks Dudley faced to making a successful TPD claim

To secure his future, Dudley decided to make a Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claim through his superannuation. TPD insurance is a common add-on to super funds, providing payment in the event the fund owner is no longer able to work due to injury, illness or disability.

Although Dudley was entitled to make a claim, he found the insurer put up obstacles at every turn.

“The process was horrendous because they wouldn’t talk to me. They wouldn’t return my calls,” says Dudley. “They put me on hold for an hour and a half, until you just ran out of patience.”

Feeling defeated and worried about his finances, Dudley was at his lowest point.

“I had to go for the first time in my life to Centrelink,” says Dudley.

During one of his many sleepless nights, Dudley was up late watching television when by sheer luck he came across an ad for Shine Lawyers. It was at this point Dudley decided to contact Shine for help.

Shine Lawyers can help with making TPD claims, like Dudley's

"In claims like this there is a significant power imbalance between the insurance companies and clients of ours,” says National Practice Leader for Superannuation and Disability Claims, Melissa O'Neill. “I’m passionate about making sure that that power imbalance doesn’t affect our client’s rights and ability to access justice.”

Melissa took on Dudley’s claim, advocating for him with the insurance company. Having seen what clients go through after dealing with insurance agencies, Melissa is passionate about being able to fight for their rightful entitlements.

“Shine Lawyers covered everything for me,” says Dudley. "They did all the meetings, they kept me informed weekly. If anything else popped up they let me know.” Through hard work and negotiation with the insurance company, Shine was successful in securing Dudley’s TPD claim.

Melissa says letting people know that their TPD claim has been accepted is one of the best bits of the job.

“We live to make calls like that. Our clients have had a lot of uncertainty to date and once they have the ability to make choices for their future that gives us a real sense of satisfaction that we’ve been able to help someone who’s had some really bad luck in their life,” says Melissa.

To Dudley, the payout was a real burden lifted off his shoulders.

“We were able to secure our future which took a real worry off our mind,” says Dudley.

Shine Lawyers are TPD experts

If like Dudley, you have suffered an injury or illness and are unable to work, Shine’s insurance and superannuation experts are here to help. Our goal is to ensure you gain access to your full insurance benefits as quickly as possible, so you can get your life back on track.

If you’d like to make a claim or have questions about your legal rights, use our free online claim checker below.

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