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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, the road to recovery and justice can be long. You may need some form of physical therapy to help you recover from your injuries, in addition to assistance making a compensation claim.

Here is a list of the most common forms of rehab you may require after an accident. Please note that this page is for information purposes only and is in no way intended to replace the advice of a qualified professional.

Why is rehab important?

According to OSR Physical Therapy in the U.S, there are several good reasons to undergo physical therapy following a car accident. It speeds up the process of recovery, helps to prevent long-term damage, can reduce pain and in some cases may even help patients avoid the need to have surgery. (Source:

Most common motor vehicle accident injuries and forms of rehab

While the medical information on injury rehabilitation is dense and detailed, here is a brief summary of the most common forms of post-accident rehab.


According to The Medical Journal of Australia, rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury is an “interdisciplinary” approach. It can involve re-training in daily activities, pain management and cognitive and behavioural therapies. (Source:


Vision rehabilitation can include anything from environmental modifications to optical and non-optical devices (Source:, while hearing rehabilitation can include speech techniques or devices such as hearing aids. (Source:


Treatments for a herniated disk can include medications, spinal manipulation and surgery. (Source:


Pelvic injury can be treated with physiotherapy, exercises and surgery. (Source:


ACL is an easier way of saying “anterior cruciate ligament” and it runs diagonally down the middle of the knee. It can be treated with both surgically and non-surgically injuries depending on the severity of the injury. (Source:


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a set of emotional reactions that can develop in people who have been through a traumatic experience. It’s characterised by feelings of intense fear or panic and can be treated with therapy or sometimes medication. (Source:


Spinal injuries can result in permanent disability. Rehab can include occupational therapy (including home assessment and modifications), physiotherapy, therapy and support in returning to work and study roles. (Source:


Like several other types of injury, rehabilitation for burns can involve a number of measures, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and treatment for scars. (Source:


Treatment for dislocation starts with putting a bone back into a joint socket. The doctor may put the affected limb in a sling. Rehabilitation can involve specific exercises and, later on, even weight training. (Source:

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