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Back to school road safety

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Motor vehicle accident

During the busy rush of getting kids ready for a new year of school with books, uniforms and bags, it’s important for parents to ensure their children are stepping into the new school year on the right, and safe, foot.

A recent study has returned some alarming statistics, showing that over 70 percent of drivers entering school zones drive over the 40 km/h speed limit. In 2009, 35 children were injured by cars in school zones. This jumped to 44 in 2010. Entering 2018 as our children return to school, it’s crucial that this rising trend doesn’t repeat itself.

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Education and awareness

Road safety around school zones is one of the most important areas to build awareness around – for drivers, parents, children and schools alike. But school road safety isn’t just up to our children. Teaching kids about safe pedestrian behaviours is a critical part of keeping them out of harm’s way. But those behind the wheel play an equally important role.

Safety tips for drivers

With hundreds of children returning to school, it’s critical for drivers to ensure they exercise extreme caution when travelling through school zones. The following safety tips can easily help:

  • Be aware of the placement of schools in your local area so you know when school zones are approaching.

  • Remember that children can be unpredictable and misjudge traffic. Always stay alert and aware of their movements.

  • Remain focused on both the road ahead and pedestrians in your peripheries while travelling through a school zone.

  • Constantly check your speed and make sure you stick to the speed limit. A pedestrian hit by car at 40km/h has 75% chance of surviving. At 60km/h, the survival rate drops to just 15%.

Safety tips for parents and children

To ensure your child’s journey to school is a safe one, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Keep your kids close. Children up to 8 years of age should hold an adult’s hand on sidewalks, in carparks, and when close to a road.

  • Children up to 10 should hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road and should be supervised around traffic.

  • Teach your children to minimise distractions, such as listening to music in headphones or playing on devices when close to a road.

  • Have open and honest conversations about the risks involved in a road traffic environment.

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