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Jessica Preston

Legal Practice Manager, Associate

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Compassionate and hardworking, Jessica was driven to a career in law by her desire to help people to right the wrong they have suffered. Jessica thrives on the problem-solving and thinking outside the box that compensation claims often require, however her favourite part of the job is getting to work alongside an array of people and personalities and clients from all walks of life.

An experienced compensation lawyer, Jessica has worked in the legal field since 2011. She has worked for different firms in both defendant and plaintiff roles, which provided confirmation for Jessica that she wanted to be a plaintiff solicitor; to help clients access the compensation they need to get their lives back on track.

Jessica credits her previous experience with giving her an edge for her clients – she is able to consider and run her cases strategically to stay ahead of the other side.

Jessica’s main areas of practice are personal injury law and insurance law, which includes helping clients with motor vehicle accident claims, workers compensation claims, superannuation and disability claims and public liability cases.

To find out more about Jessica and how she can help you, get in touch with our Helensvale branch.

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