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Hope & Greg - Compensation Claim

Hope and Greg's Claim

Sometimes an event can turn your life upside down. For Hope and Greg, this event changed almost every aspect of their life, and when their claim began to stall, they knew they needed help.

Watch their story.

"[Hope] We always thought we'd both be working, bringing up a family and striving for our goals.

We insured ourselves in 2008. We had to make a claim and it was dragging out. Greg had to look after the kids and take care of everything.

[Greg] The claim had been submitted for a long time. It had been months and I felt like the insurance company was just stringing us along.

In the meantime, we were selling off things we had worked hard for. We realised that we had to get legal help, which is when we called Shine. They helped us turn our lives back around again and move forward.

[Hope] It was a weight off our minds. Someone else was looking after it and they were doing a good job. We received what we were entitled to, which will help to restore our dreams and provide for our future.

By going to Shine, we were able to see that justice was served."

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