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A fearless advocate - how Sarah became the dedicated lawyer her clients can depend on

Sarah Williams does all in her power to stand up for what’s right. She was just a teenager when she first joined the legal profession, and now has more than 15 years experience.

With a bold career move and the support of Shine, Sarah has grown into a tenacious advocate for her clients as our devoted Personal Injury Lawyer.

Strong client connections

Sarah Williams is not the type of Lawyer you’ll just find sitting behind a desk. To her clients in Gladstone, she’s so much more. You’ll bump into her in the supermarket aisles or while she’s out with her family, and she’ll always greet you with a smile. For Sarah, building connections with clients reaches far beyond the Shine Lawyers office.

Interacting with her clients is what Sarah enjoys most about working in a regional firm. It’s not uncommon for them to drop in unexpectedly and ask for an update on their cases, or to just say hello. Not only does Sarah always stand up for the little guy through the legal process, but she loves celebrating their wins, too.

"I find that having that connection encourages you to do the best you possibly can for that client. They want to see you face to face and feel like we’re fighting for justice together."

Sarah was a year into her law degree when she moved across to Shine Lawyers. She remained highly committed to the firm throughout her studies, and found her true calling in personal injury law. Two days before she graduated from university, Sarah was admitted to practice in 2019. She says the momentous occasion proved she had found her place at Shine.

Gladstone may be smaller than Shine Lawyers’ headquarters in Brisbane, but Sarah says the learning opportunities are just as vast. She feels she’ll never be pigeonholed into one area of the firm.

"What keeps me at Shine is the constant support to better yourself in your job. The opportunities other local practitioners are offered in terms of education and progression are very limited. It’s so different at Shine. I like the fact it really is a culture of empowering their staff to want to be the best in the industry."

Looking back on her whirlwind career journey, Sarah is thrilled it led her to Shine. She’s found a powerful platform for success where she’s always backed to seize new opportunities.

Staying ahead of the pack

At Shine, we’re not your typical law firm. It’s something that drew Sarah to Shine and keeps her coming back for more.

"There are a lot of things we’re doing at Shine that others just haven’t caught up with yet. For example, in Gladstone, we’re looking at tapping into the education market with treatment providers in our region. Teaching them about how claims work and how they can help manage a client in their circumstances - that’s really progressive."

Like many other professions, working in the legal industry has its challenges. But for those willing to put the work in, Sarah says our proven operating models help set you up for success.

Sarah has strong ambitions and is excited for like-minded lawyers to join her on her path. It’s only with the most determined people like Sarah that Shine will continue to prosper.

"I want to be the Legal Practice Manager for our branch, and help build it by employing people who share the same values as we do and serving more clients in our community. Without sounding cheesy, I feel like if you put the hard yards in at Shine, the sky’s the limit."

Glen Northway

“The focus is on our clients’ best interests first and foremost, and that’s not something I’ve felt elsewhere. We pride ourselves on it.”

Glen Northway | Shine Lawyers