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Job Application Tips

Shine Lawyers. It’s a place for you. Here we’ve put together some helpful information to guide you on how to make your job application stand out.

Here at Shine, we dare to be different, challenge the status quo and stay ahead of the pack, for our clients, for better justice and for a career that means more. And we’re glad you’re taking the first step in joining us on that journey.

What to expect from our recruitment process


Once you have submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation via email.


Our team will assess your application and experience against the requirements of the role.

Phone interview

If your qualifications and experience meet the requirements of the role, a friendly recruitment team member will reach out for an initial chat about how Shine can be a place for you.


If successful in proceeding to the next stage, our team will then organise a time for you to meet with the hiring manager for a face-to-face interview.

Background checks

As part of a thorough recruitment process, we may request you to provide referees from your previous employment for us to reach out to, or to participate in criminal history or other background checks.


As a part of the Circle Back Initiative, we want you to feel supported through our recruitment process, which means that you will hear back from our friendly team – no matter the outcome.

How to make your application Shine

Here at Shine it means more here so our teams want to get to know the authentic you.

To support you in showcasing a strong and personalised application, we’ve come up with some handy tips that you can follow, below.


A strong resume should be a snapshot of your career history to date, and include information relevant to the company and job that you’re applying for.  

Follow each tip below, and tick off those that you’ve included in your resume. If any tips have been left blank, consider revisiting them to add in any missing information. 

☐ A clear layout that’s easy to read and follow. Perhaps consider using a template to get you started.  

☐ Include the start and end date of each employment that you’ve listed. (e.g., November 2021 – Present). 

☐ List your most recent employment at the top, then follow that with your previous employment in reverse chronological order.

☐ If you have prior experience within the legal field, please ensure you tell us which practice area you worked within. A great place to add this is next to the job title you held, or the company name that you worked for.

☐ If you’re applying for a Solicitor role, include the month and year of your admission as a solicitor on your resume.

☐ If you’re a law student, include your forecasted graduation date including the approximate month and year that you expect to graduate. 

Cover Letter

Including a cover letter with your application gives you more of a chance to let your personality shine. It also allows you to introduce yourself, your skillset, and your drivers.   

☐ By now you’ve familiarised yourself with our values and the job advert, so tell us why you feel that Shine, and the specific practice area and role that you’re applying for, is a place for you. Explain your passion and previous experiences in accordance with the job ad, that will help you to champion what’s right and stand up for our clients.  

☐ If there’s something specific to your circumstances that you’d like to make us aware of, a cover letter is the place to do that. For example, if you’re currently living in Sydney but have applied for a role in Brisbane as you’re going to be relocating in a matter of weeks, you should indicate that on your cover letter; or if you’re available for four days per week during the university semester, but can work full-time during the break.

Interview Tips

The golden rule leading up to your interview is in your preparation. Take some time to review the below tips before your interview, so that you can be prepared to put your best foot forward when meeting with our team.   

☐ Familiarise yourself with the practice area, and who you’ll be meeting with. The best place to do this is on our website, or via LinkedIn.   

☐ Review the position description that we send you in detail so you’re aware of the requirements of the role.

☐ Come prepared with your why, which is what you would have outlined in your cover letter.

☐ You'll likely be asked behavioural questions that will help the team assess your ability to work within certain environments and situations. To prepare for this, think of a few examples describing a real, tangible experience (rather than a hypothetical), following the STAR method, below:

  • Situation – the event that arose that you had to deal with. 

  • Task – what needed to be done to resolve the situation.  

  • Action – the action you took.   

  • Result – what the outcome of your approach was.

The information we’ve covered above should equip you with the tools you need to create and submit a strong application.

Good luck, and we hope that Shine can be a place for you.  

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