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A career that means more - how Margy discovered true purpose and authentic people

From Receptionist to Application Support Analyst, Margy Fauls has seized every opportunity to step up her career and grow.

Her innovative problem-solving skills ensure our firm stays ahead of the pack. So, what’s at the very heart of Margy’s drive for success?

Better justice for our clients.

The beginning of a remarkable career

For Margy, working at Shine Lawyers means so much more than a job. Here, she’s found a powerful platform for success. From the moment she joined us as a Receptionist in 2016, she’s steadily built a remarkable and varied career that’s founded upon making a genuine difference in the lives of everyday Australians.

"I feel like I’ve grown up at Shine. I’ve been encouraged to try new roles - all I’ve had to do is voice my interest. That’s a really special thing, to have that level of support every day."

A lifelong learner, Margy is always eager to step outside her comfort zone to try something new. At university, her studies took her down a few different paths - engineering, business, and finance. But she could never quite settle on that “one thing”. A role at Shine Justice provided a unique opportunity.

Not long after joining our Reception team, Margy’s strategic thinking and care for our clients led her to our New Client Team (NCT). As an NCT Operator, Margy was often the first contact point at Shine for people at their most vulnerable.

"NCT is integral to the business. You’re on the frontline, answering client calls and listening to sometimes quite horrific stories. It was eye-opening and really impacted me. But it was a great opportunity for me to understand what everyday Australians can go through; how quickly people’s lives can be turned around by unfair circumstances. I loved working in NCT, and felt I truly flourished in that team."

One year later, Margy expanded her skillset as an Administration Assistant/Paralegal at our Chermside office before returning to NCT and was quickly promoted to NCT Team Lead.

Forever daring to do something different, in November 2021, Margy pivoted again - this time, to our IT Operations team.

Armed with a deep knowledge of all aspects of the firm, Margy now navigates Shine staff through technical issues and business processes. She also applies critical and creative thinking to vital IT enhancement projects.

"It’s been amazing. I get to pursue this career without having to leave Shine. A lot of people think you need to be qualified to do certain roles, but at Shine, if you want to try something, all you need to do is be open and honest about it. People will support you and tell you how to get there."

Driven to deliver justice

An avid outdoors person, Margy loves cycling, hiking, swimming at the beach, and surfing. And when she’s got her dose of sunshine, you’ll usually find her settling in with a book.

Resilience is a valuable life skill Margy has learnt at Shine. It means she can leave her work at work and enjoy her hobbies when she’s at home. It also means she can take on challenges and emerge stronger than before - something Margy plans to do for many years to come at Shine Justice.

"I feel like there’s so much to learn at Shine, and I can go in any direction. At the core of what we do, no matter our role, we’re helping clients seek justice. That’s the kind of business I want to work for."

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