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Full Cycle – Jake Montgomery Story

Group of cyclists | Shine Lawyers

Jake Montgomery was an up and coming triathlete. He was 12th in the world and was about to embark on the biggest race of his career, the World Triathlon Championships.

But less than 24 hours before he was supposed to line up on the starting line, tragedy struck.

See Jake’s story, as televised on Full Cycle, in the video below.



“But we’ve got a story now on Jake Montgomery, an up and coming triathlete who was ranked 12th in the world last year.

The day before the World Triathlon Championships, he went for a bit of a ride in the afternoon to ‘freshen up’ for the race, and was taken out by a car. Have a look at this.”

“So this was probably going to be my biggest race of the career, first attempt at a world championship race. And it was actually about 16 hours before I was to hit the start line and that’s when everything flipped upside down.

I remember the morning of, the first 10 mins of my ride and then I’ve got a month blank. I don’t remember hospital, being at home or anything, what I remember is probably about 4 – 5 weeks later sitting on the lounge at home not being able to move a muscle.

Definitely considered giving up at one point there, when I couldn’t move, I could barely walk, the most I could do was get to the kitchen and back, and going from 25hrs of training a week to absolutely nothing, it was like am I ever going to be able to be back, the neurologists were saying that not to attempt running for 4 months, well is this the end?

Rehab for me started off pretty much as small as you could get, pretty much like taking my first steps again. I’d walk for 10 mins a day and then build gradually from there like I’d walk 10 the first week and then 20 the next week and just build up, build up, build up.

I was super lucky to have a good support group behind me; mum and dad, if it wasn’t for them I doubt I would have made a return to triathlon, while they didn’t push me to say that you should be back, they actually tried to help me back, they were there to help my decisions and were looking after me every step of the way.

Fortunately I was recommended to Jamie Shine, she works for Shine Lawyers, and she’s a brain injury specialist. I thought she is going to understand my case 100% and know the actual ins and outs of it all and know how long it’s going to take, know the reoccurrences that things can have. I’ll be in safe hands here and well looked after.

If you ever have an accident, don’t give up. Do your best to get back out there. Whether you start on the trainer like I did, you find a group of mates to go out with, have a ride together and stay within the bunch and then you feel a bit more protected.”

“We certainly wish Jake all the best in his recovery and getting back to that level. 12th before the World Championships and then to have that happen.

Obviously, there is a real benefit to being a member of Cycling Australia because of that connection now that we have with Shine Lawyers, that you’re covered when you’re out on a bike.”

“Well, also because these types of events generally happen when they’re most unexpected. Maybe it’s on your normal bunch ride, or maybe it’s the day before a World Championship. But, I think the great part of the story as well is the support that he had. He’s back racing and pursuing his dream to be a triathlon World Champion and suppose that’s the thing you want is that people can have these unfortunate events, but get on with life.”


Written by Shine Lawyers on . Last modified: March 14, 2018.

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  • James wrote:

    Hi last week I was taken out by a car cycling in a designated cycle lane. My bike wheel got completed trashed and I ended up with cuts and bruises.

    The car just turned left – no indication. This stuff happens and it sucks. Now I’m 250 dollars out of pocket and a sore training week.

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi James, sorry to hear about that. A member of our New Client Team will be able to gather more details about the accident, talk through the services we offer and let you know if we can help. You can find the contact details here:

  • Shannon keirl wrote:

    3yrs ago
    I was riding my enduro trail bike through the murrabit/Barham State Forest with permitted motorcycle signs clearly visible as you ride through the state forest every 5klms….
    When 4wd have been along the trail ride tracks making massive wheel diverts throughout the trails and making it very dangerous for motorcycle trail bikes to come through the trails.
    I was unaware of these divets and holes in the trail and was riding through the trail at a reasonable speed on my 2007mdl Suzuki Rm250 2stroke trail bike when ive came riding around a sharp bend to find 4wd diverts everywhere and at the speed i was travelling at i had no time to avoid the 4wd diverts and holes that were situated there and i lost control of the motorcycle and hit 3 Tree’s and i crashed bike and came off the motorcycle & severly injured my self by breKing my leg in 3 places & in the process off the incident i Shattered my left knee into liitle pieces and had 1/2 my leg cut off due to the severity of the injury T the time and now have Titanium rods and heaps of screws and bone grafting to form a knee and im only able to walk for the rest of my life since the accident & im never ever to be able to run again due to the severity of the injury & the accident……
    Also due to the injury im unable to work anymore or ride moto-cross or enduro ever again and im unable to lift anything over 15kgs in weight and im currently on the disability support pension on centrelink and had to leave my job of 10yrs at the time as a construction engineer… also ive lost alot of income and a House Mortgage i had to sign out of and sale property i had on a mortgage and resell it as i was unable to pay the mortgage payments after the accident and my injuries had a accured at the time……

    • Shine Lawyers wrote:

      Hi Shannon, I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but it sounds like something we might be able to help with. If you get in touch with our New Client Team, they will be able to assess your potential claim and put you in touch with the right legal team if we are able to assist. You can find the contact details here:

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