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Catastrophic Road Injuries

The families of road accident victims often struggle with unimaginable pain even if their loved ones survive.

Laura Hadfield is a solicitor working in the major claims team of Shine Lawyers. On many occasions, she’s heard the families of road accident victims make statements like “every day we grieve the loss of our loved one, yet they survived the crash”.

Australia’s tragic road toll figures are often in the headlines. Yet what we don’t hear about as often is people who survive these injuries in order to find their lives permanently altered. For the rest of their lives, these victims can suffer in ways both physical and psychological.

According to Hadfield, when a person suffers a serious injury, the first thing they and their family do is go into survival mode. The focus then changes to rehabilitation and recovery, but sometimes the injuries that have occurred cannot be fixed.

One example is the sad story of Rhiannon. At 35 years old, Rhiannon was happily married with a job she enjoyed and an exciting future ahead of her. In an instant, everything changed when the driver of another car failed to look where he was going and collided with her. Rhiannon suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries, rendering her unable to leave her house without the aid of a wheelchair. She also suffered severe emotional and financial strain.

Hadfield wants people to realise that every decision they make on the road is crucial. It only takes a split-second loss of concentration to ruin someone’s life. Is looking at that text message, taking that call, having that extra drink at the pub or arriving at your destination five minutes earlier worth it?

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Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: August 7, 2018.

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