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About Tiddalac

The inspiration

The Shine Centre of Learning grew from an idea that founding partner Stephen Roche had about taking a fresh approach to learning within the firm, which focused on people “finding their voice”. This type of creative thinking has been a hallmark of Shine Lawyers from its earliest days, with people always encouraged to dare to be different and challenge the traditions of a largely conservative industry.

The inspiration for this new approach came from a one-of-a-kind Trial Lawyers College that Stephen became aware of in the United States. The brainchild of renowned Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence – who did not lose a criminal case with a trial by jury in the over 50 years he practiced law – the facility is dedicated to developing a new generation of “lawyers for the people”.

The epiphany

The concept of establishing a physical home to impart the type of learning Stephen had envisaged one day introducing to the firm took shape, innocuously enough as he was skimming the pages of his local newspaper one day. Fresh in his mind was the advice of Jodie Willey, that a “Centre of Learning” was needed within the firm to enshrine ongoing education and knowledge sharing as part of its very fabric.