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History of Tiddalac

Tiddalac is the home of the Shine Centre of Learning situated at Upper Lockyer, via Toowoomba.

It is a 16.9 hectare (40 acre) property situated 19 kms from Toowoomba.

The property was purchased in 2007 because of its proximity to Toowoomba, the birthplace of Shine Lawyers. The firm began there in 1976 and it is also where the owners of the firm were brought up, educated and where many of our people learnt their trade.

Built in early 2008, Tiddalac was designed with its surrounding environment in mind. The building blends into the idyllic outback setting to create a connection with the native bushland, even when you are indoors. High ceilings and large decks create cool spaces for the summer months, while you can curl up in front of the cosy fireplace in the winter.

The interior designs and artwork are inspired by the natural surroundings adopting warm colours and earthy hues.

The qualities of Tiddalac encapsulate the country heritage of the firm and the people in it. It is tranquil, peaceful and secure. It is a natural, unspoilt habitat and environment with a feeling all of its own.

Bordering the property are a number of water holes range from 2-6 metres in depth. The water supply is unique, running approximately 6,000 GPH over a crossing half way along the creek frontage. Often Murphy’s Creek is bone dry through the northern and southern boundaries yet Tiddalac has permanent running water as a frontage.

The creek fronts are clean, tidy and easily accessible by foot. With trees, birds and other wildlife, with walking trails, a dam and views.

Picture live-in retreats geared not just to the person’s job but to the person. Where Shine Lawyers, along with anyone who has a passion or interest in the legal field will bare their souls and fears and dreams and hopes in a safe, loving natural environment a million miles from the hustle and bustle. Where lawyers will give up their busy practice and come and share their experience and methods for success.