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Everyone deserves a safe workplace free from bullying and harassment. Bullying, harassment and discrimination are unacceptable workplace behaviours and can create a hostile working environment.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure their employees feel safe and respected at work. If you’re experiencing repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards you at work, you may be eligible to make a workplace bullying claim.

Learn what is workplace bullying, how to deal with bullies at work and how a workplace bullying lawyer can help you.

What is workplace bullying?

Safe Work Australia defines workplace bullying as ‘repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed at a worker’. Depending on its nature, workplace bullying can create a risk of physical or psychological injury. Workplace bullying doesn’t discriminate, so it doesn’t matter how senior you are at work, or what type of work you do.

Workplace bullying can occur:

  • Face to face

  • Over the phone

  • Online on workplace platforms such as via email

  • Online via social media platforms

Examples of workplace bullying

Some examples of repeated unreasonable behaviour that could constitute workplace bullying and harassment include:  

  • Abusive or offensive language or comments directed towards you or said about you 

  • Aggressive and intimidating behaviour  

  • Belittling or humiliating comments directed at you or said about you  

  • Unjustified criticism or complaints 

  • Excluding you from workplace activities or events

  • Setting unreasonable tasks or deadlines

  • Physical assault

How to deal with bullies at work

If you’re experiencing workplace bullying, here’s how to deal with bullies at work and what you can do to stand up for yourself and protect your rights:

  • Check to see if your workplace has a bullying policy

  • Keep a diary record of the repeated unreasonable behaviours, including your responses to them

  • Talk to someone in your workplace about the bullying behaviour – this could be a colleague, your manager or union representative

  • Make a formal complaint to your manager or employer (or according to your workplace bullying policy)

  • Seek appropriate physical or mental health care from your GP or psychologist or other healthcare provider

  • Request medical certificates or psychological reports from your health professionals as these are important in supporting your claim for workplace bullying compensation

  • At any stage you can consult a worker's compensation lawyer, from when the workplace bullying first begins to when you feel you’ve exhausted all resolution options  

How can workplace bullying lawyers help?

In Australia there are federal laws relevant to bullying, harassment and discrimination. Depending on the type and pattern of bullying behaviour you’re experiencing, various employment laws may also be relevant.

Our team of workplace bullying lawyers are experts in this area of workers' compensation law. They:

  • Will listen to your workplace bullying experience and make sure your voice is heard

  • Can advise on your compensation for workplace bullying options, for example for workplace psychological injury, sexual harassment or stress

  • Know how to support and guide you through the legal process

How Shine can help 

We have helped thousands of Australians right wrong and access more than $1 billion in entitlements and compensation through our expert services.  

95% of the cases we represent are settled without the stress of going to court.

With our 1000+ workforce and business maturity, we have the scale, expertise and agility to take on the tough cases and win. 

We are ready to take action and hold employers to account to right wrong.

Workplace bullying compensation FAQs

Can I represent myself, or do I need a workplace bullying lawyer?

It is possible to legally represent yourself when making a workplace bullying compensation claim however, doing so successfully will likely require a thorough understanding of the law, your legal rights and entitlements, and a commitment to actively pursuing the case to move it forward. Many people choose not to act for themselves and instead engage an expert workers' compensation lawyer who can provide the knowledge and experience required to help guide a case to a successful outcome.

Why trust Shine to be my workplace bullying lawyers?

At Shine Lawyers, we put your first. We’ve been standing up for the rights of everyday Australians for over 45 years. As one of Australia’s largest litigation law firms, we are here to help you get the justice you deserve. Our empathy, understanding and expertise is why we’re ahead of the pack. We’ll stand with you and guide you through every step of the way.

How is compensation calculated for workplace bullying claims?

Depending on the nature of your workplace bullying claim, in most instances, a monetary value is placed on the gap between your predicted life path before your injury and your actual life path since your injury. For compensation to be awarded in workplace bullying claims, your legal team usually must demonstrate you’re suffering from a physical or psychological injury.

Where are the workplace bullying lawyers from Shine located?

With more than 40 branches across Australia and 1000+ team members, location is no barrier when it comes to accessing Shine Lawyers’ legal advice and support. If you’d like to speak to a workplace bullying lawyer from our workers' compensation team in person, you can see our full list of locations here. If you can’t find a location near you, we can easily arrange an obligation-free virtual appointment or discuss the option to meet at a location that’s comfortable and convenient for you. No matter where you are located, we will always provide the same, expert advice and manage your claim with the same level of quality and commitment.

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