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Silicosis Compensation Queensland and Western Australia

Diagnosed with silicosis after being exposed to silica dust? You may be able to make a compensation claim under Queensland or Western Australia legislation.

What is silicosis?

Silicosis is a serious lung disease caused by the inhalation of silica dust. Silica is a microscopic mineral found in engineered stone and materials such as granite, quartz, sandstone, brick and sand among other substances. Silicosis can cause scarring, swelling and fluid build-up in the lungs and seriously reduce the affected person's ability to breathe.

Silicosis can advance to progressive massive fibrosis, with potentially deadly consequences. There is no cure for the disease bar a lung transplant, meaning preventing and controlling exposure to silica dust is essential to keeping workers safe on the job.

Workers in industries with a high chance of silica exposure include:

  • Miners
  • Construction workers
  • Engineers
  • Stonemasons

Silica dust is a hazard in many workplaces and the above is by no means a comprehensive list.

Workers who perform the following activities may also be exposed to silica dust:

  • breaking, crushing, grinding, drilling, cutting, or milling material containing silica dust;
  • sandblasting or casting;
  • paving, surfacing or cement finishing;
  • bricklaying;
  • demolition work;
  • road construction;
  • stonemasonry;
  • mineral ore-treating processes;
  • manufacture of glass, ceramics, brick, concrete, tile, metals or machinery.

If you think you have been exposed to silica dust, we encourage you to register your exposure.

How to register your exposure to silicosis

In some cases, Silica exposure can manifest into silicosis within a few years of exposure. If you need to make a claim, having developed silicosis, your claim's prospects will be improved if you have a record that includes details of where you worked and any witnesses within the workplace who may be able to verify your exposure.

Silicosis claim process

If you have been exposed to dangerous levels of silica in your workplace and suspect you are ill, we recommend following the below steps.

  1. Register your exposure – Document your exposure to silica dust, whether at work or in a non-occupational setting. You can use our silicosis register or the form below. Should you be diagnosed at a later date, this will support your claim.
  2. Feeling ill? Visit your doctor – Make sure to tell your GP about your dust exposure and job, if relevant. Some dust diseases won't show on initial scans.
  3. Receive diagnosis? – If you've been diagnosed with silicosis, request a medical certificate from your doctor.
  4. Contact Shine Lawyers – You should speak to our expert silicosis lawyers as quickly as possible, as strict time limitations can apply to claims.
  5. Our lawyers will support you through your claim and can help to speed up the legal process. We can bring negligence claims against those responsible for your illness. We can help you access any statutory entitlements you may be eligible for, such as workers compensation or insurance through your superannuation.
  6. We're on your side and offer our services on a No Win, No Fee Guarantee, meaning you don't pay for our legal services unless we are successful.

How to make a silicosis compensation claim

People who develop silicosis or other dust diseases following exposure may be able to claim compensation for their illness. This compensation can help sufferers and their families to manage their medical expenses now and in the future, cover care costs, reimburse loss of earnings, and bridge the gap left by their reduced earning capacity. We have expert lawyers, who work on a No Win No Fee* basis. Contact us to discuss your claim.

We can meet with you face-to-face, via telephone or video conference, or even come to you.

Superannuation and Disability Insurance

If you can't work due to illness or injury, your insurance or superannuation may contain policies which can benefit you. Our experts offer a quick, obligation-free analysis of your situation to advise you of your rights and the prospects of a potential claim.

Learn more about Superannuation and Disability Insurance Claims

Common Questions

How long your claim takes to complete will depend on your specific circumstances – every claim is different. If your illness is terminal, there may be options to fast track any claim you make. Contact our expert lawyers for advice specific to your situation.

Yes, you can claim even if you are no longer an employee of the business you worked for when exposed to silica. Our silicosis experts can investigate on your behalf.

Yes, you may still be able to claim even if your employer has gone bust. Our experts can advise you on your claim's prospects.

Yes, you may be able to claim for compensation for your dependants affected by your diagnosis, depending on your circumstances. Contact us and we can provide advice on your family's situation.

You may be eligible for compensation in addition to any workers compensation you are receiving, or may have received including any lump sum payments. Our dust disesase lawyers can advise you on any additional compensation you may be able to claim.

It is unlikely you will need to go to court – most claims settle before going to trial. If your case does end up in court, we will guide and support you through the entire process to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Silicosis claims can be subject to strict time limits depending on what state you're in – it's important you seek legal advise as quickly as possible following your diagnosis.

As one of Australia's most well-regarded personal injury and silicosis litigation firms, Shine Lawyers has the experience needed to manage your claim. You will have your own go-to team who will help you understand the sometimes-complex legal process.

We provide all of our silicosis legal services on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning if you're claim isn't successful you won't be footing the bill.

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