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Quakers Hill Nursing Home Class Action

Shine Lawyers have commenced Supreme Court proceedings against DPG Services Pty Ltd (Opal Aged Care) on behalf of close family members who suffered psychological injury when their parent, sibling or spouse was killed in/in consequence of the horrific fire at Quakers Hill Nursing Home on 18 November 2011.

The Deputy State Coroner H.C.B. Dillon by findings published after inquest into the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire dated 9 March 2015 found that fourteen (14) residents had died as a direct or consequential result of the fire.

Who is a close family member

You are a close family member if you are:

  1. A parent of a deceased nursing home resident or other person with parental responsibility for a deceased resident, or
  2. The spouse or partner of a deceased nursing home resident, or
  3. A child or stepchild of a deceased nursing home resident or any other person for whom a deceased resident has parental responsibility, or
  4. A brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister, or stepbrother or stepsister of a deceased nursing home resident.

What is the basis of the action?

Our lead plaintiff alleges that the Opal Aged Care is liable in negligence, breach of contract and/or breach of the Australian Consumer Law by its conduct:

  1. Employing registered nurse Roger Dean;
  2. Failing to supervise Roger Dean
  3. Permitting Roger Dean to work unsupervised;
  4. Allowing Roger Dean unrestricted access to the treatment room where Schedule 8 medication was stored;
  5. Failing to exclude Roger Dean from the nursing home after 16 November 2011.

What does this mean for close family members of deceased residents?

Close family members who have suffered psychological injury will have an avenue in which to hold Opal Aged responsible for the loss and damage they have suffered. If you were a close family member of a deceased resident get in touch today.

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