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Ann Meakins

Legal Practice Manager, Senior Associate

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Ann is a Legal Practice Manager and Special Counsel with Shine Lawyers Springwood team of personal compensation experts. She has extensive experience in personal injury law including motor vehicle accidents, public liability and workers compensation claims. She is adept at managing complex and difficult matters to ensure her clients are awarded the best outcome possible to create financial security now and into the future.

Always a fan of a good argument, Ann also wanted to be a part of something that made a difference in people's lives. As such she is driven by her strong work ethic and determination to help people in their time of need. Her passionate and empathetic nature helps put clients at ease during a potentially tumultuous time. Her experience working on both sides of personal injury law ensures she considers every avenue for seeking justice for her clients.

Ann completed her Bachelor of Laws (Hons) at Queensland University of Technology in 2001. She has worked for various local firms, gaining a breadth of experience across multiple areas of law before joining Shine in 2013. Ann is a Springwood local and is passionate about facilitating access to justice for all people in her community regardless of background.

It’s so rewarding to see the “little guy” get the justice they deserve and feel financially and emotionally free to get on with their life following a traumatic event. I’m pleased to be just a small part of that.

To find out more about Ann and her team contact our Springwood branch today.

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