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Shine Lawyers tops Lawyerly’s biggest class action settlements of 2020

Shine Lawyers is proud to be recognised by Lawyerly for the largest class action settlement in 2020.

Shine proudly fought for the rights of property owners in Katherine in the Northern Territory and Oakey in Queensland, areas where land values have been affected by the historic use of toxic firefighting foam at government military bases.

On 26 February 2020, Shine Lawyers reached an in-principle agreement with the Department of Defence, achieving justice for Katherine and Oakey residents affected by the PFAS contamination.

In June, Federal Court Justice Michael Lee approved the Federal Government’s $212.5 million settlement. Katherine group members were awarded $92.5 million, with Oakey group members receiving $34 million. Shine Lawyers continues to communicate directly with group members to provide further information about their compensation entitlements.

“Shine Lawyers is proud to have achieved this incredible outcome for these communities, so that property owners can move forward after a five year court battle,” says Class Actions Practice Leader Joshua Aylward.

Shine Lawyers continues to pursue justice on behalf of property owners affected by PFAS contamination across Australia.

Lawyerly’s list of 2020’s biggest class action settlements is based on agreements reached in class actions last year, as well as agreements reached in late 2019. Read the full article on Lawyerly.