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PFAS Contamination Class Actions

Shine Lawyers is pursuing justice for landowners across Australia whose land value has been impacted as a result of PFAS chemical contamination in their area.

About the PFAS Contamination Class Action

The Class Action alleges that the Department of Defence negligently allowed toxic chemicals known as ‘PFAS’ to escape from defence bases, and contaminate local environments. These contaminants have negatively impacted properties, land values and the livelihoods of surrounding communities.

Shine Lawyers is seeking compensation for property owners for economic loss, including the diminution in value of their land.

How to register for the PFAS Contamination Class Action

If your property is situated in any of the locations listed below, you are encouraged to register for the class action by clicking through to the page for your location, so that you may seek compensation for your loss:

$212.5 million settlement for Oakey, Katherine and Williamtown communities

On the 26th of February 2020, Shine Lawyers reached an in-principle agreement with the Department of Defence, successfully achieving justice for the Oakey and Katherine communities. The settlement will be divided amongst the impacted landowners, with the details of a distribution scheme to be approved by the court in the coming months. For more information on what this means for landholders in those communities, click through to the pages below:

Sites under continued investigation

Shine Lawyers’ Class Action team are continuing to investigate potential class actions for the remaining communities where the Department of Defence has undertaken environmental monitoring. If your property is located within one of the contamination investigation areas listed below, you are encouraged to register your interest and our team will contact you when we have further information.

Contact us

If you have any questions or require any assistance in registering for the class action, please contact our PFAS Contamination Class Action team on 1800 066 173.

Who is Shine Lawyers' Class Action team?

Shine Lawyers' Class Action team includes some of the firm’s most experienced special counsel, solicitors and support staff, including law clerks and paralegals. The PFAS contamination investigation team includes:

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