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PFAS Contamination Class Actions

PFAS are manufactured chemicals that can cause widespread environmental and health concerns when leached into soil and groundwater. The chemicals do not break down in the environment, and are known to persist in water, plant and human systems.

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PFAS Contamination Class Actions

PFAS chemicals were present in firefighting foam used by the Department of Defence in training facilities across Australia since the 1970’s. The chemicals have contaminated local environments; negatively impacting residents, their land and their livelihood.

The Department of Defence have commenced investigations into 26 sites across Australia. Shine Lawyers’ Class Action team are seeking justice for landowners who fall within investigation areas of these potentially contaminated sites. Shine Lawyers have already filed class actions for the communities of Oakey and Katherine, with their details below:

We encourage landowners with properties within the other Defence contamination Investigation Areas to register their interest as we seek to commence actions in relation to additional communities. A list of these communities and contamination Investigation Areas are below:

What are PFAS and what is the issue with PFAS?

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyls (PFAS) are a class of harmful chemicals commonly found in products that reduce heat, stains, grease and water. They are common in many household products, such as carpets and non-stick cookware. PFAS are concerning because they do not naturally degrade. They are ingested by humans and animals, and accumulate in the body. A small amount of daily exposure can lead to high concentrations over time.

PFAS soil and groundwater contamination can lead to high levels of the chemical in drinking water, agricultural land, animals and residents.

The full effect on human health is not known.

Potential Class Actions

The potential class actions would be on behalf of members of the community who own, or have owned, property in the contaminated area. Shine Lawyers are investigating whether the contamination by PFAS has negatively impacted land values in each contaminated site. The Department of Defence are undertaking investigations to determine the extent of land and groundwater contamination from the use of PFAS chemicals on each site.

Am I eligible to participate in the Class Action?

At present, to be eligible for the potential Class Action, your property must be located in the investigation area. If you think that your property has been affected by the contamination in any of the sites, you may have a claim. Follow the link below to register your interest in the potential class action:

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Who is Shine Lawyers' Class Action team?

Shine Lawyers' Class Action team includes some of the firm’s most experienced special counsel, solicitors and support staff, including law clerks and paralegals. The PFAS contamination investigation team includes:

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