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Redlands ratepayers have experienced the first class action win in the Queensland Supreme Court yesterday morning, following a claim against Redland City Council (RCC), filed in October 2018.

Redland Council advised in March 2017, that the canal maintenance levy that it imposed on ratepayers in Redlands was invalid.

While the Council refunded part of the moneys raised, Shine Lawyers commenced proceedings on behalf of ratepayers to recover the remaining amount.

Simon and Sarah Akero have lived at their lakeside property for twenty years. They were disappointed by the revelation that Redland City Council was operating without transparency.

“This is a win for the community. Ratepayers have taken back a bit of control over the levies imposed by council,”

“Transparency is really important when councils are charging the community an unjust fee. This will make councils think about what they’re asking residents for, and will ensure that there is accountability for every dollar asked of us in future,” said Mr Akero.

“1650 canal and lakefront property owners are owed a full refund for the invalidly raised levies,“ said Shine Lawyers’ Special Counsel, Tristan Gaven.

“We brought this action years ago, to ensure ratepayers’ money is back in ratepayers’ pockets. This win is testament to the people power and what standing up for what you’re owed, can achieve”

“It’s about accountability and council doing right by its ratepayers,” continued Gaven.

To be eligible to join the class action, you must have lived in the Redland local government area and been subject to a special levy in relation to canal/waterways maintenance including marina special charges in the period from 2011 to 2017.

The class action was funded by Augusta Ventures.

“Augusta is very pleased to work with Shine Lawyers in this matter with its funding helping to promote access to justice” said Augusta’s Managing Director, Neill Brennan.

This class action is the first win for any class action in the Queensland Supreme Court. It is the second class action to be heard in Queensland.

Judgment of Justice Bradley delivered 13 September 2021

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