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George Pell’s Deceased Victim’s Father - “I am gutted”

Posted on November 13, 2019

  • Shine Lawyers represents the father of a victim of George Pell.
  • Our client is the father of one of the two boys molested by Pell in 1996 and ‘97.
  • Our client’s son passed away at the age of 31 in 2014 following a drug overdose linked to his PTSD.
  • Shine Lawyers has represented more than 5000 victims of institutional abuse within the Catholic, Anglican and Jehovah’s Witness churches.

Comments by Lisa Flynn, Shine Lawyers Abuse Law Expert

Lisa Flynn is representing the deceased victim’s father in his civil case. *Court orders prevent our client from being identified.

“I have just spoken to our client who says he is ‘gutted’ by the High Court’s decision to grant George Pell leave to appeal his conviction. This is a sad day for him. He was hopeful that it would all be over today as he continues to be re-traumatised by the unending legal action. His pain and suffering remains raw and unresolved.”

“We do need to remember that this is not George Pell winning his appeal. Yes, today’s decision gives him leave to argue his conviction in the High Court, however he is still a convicted paedophile and remains in jail for child sex abuse offences.”

“Our client holds George Pell responsible for his son’s downhill spiral and subsequent fatal heroin overdose. He wants to see Pell behind bars where he has no contact with innocent children”

“We know that many victims and survivors around the world are following this case very closely and we want to remind them that today’s decision should not stop them in their fight for justice.”


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