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Doug Cope - Compensation Claim

About Doug's Claim

Accustomed to the life of an active marine, Doug found it difficult to adjust when his service ended. When tragedy struck, he needed someone to help him get back on his feet and move on with his life. That's where Shine Lawyers came into the picture.

See Doug's story below.

"Well, I am a service person. Joined the Navy at 15, was very athletic and at the end of my career, I finished as a PTI, a physical training instructor.

It was like I came to a dead stop. From being highly motivated and all of a sudden I was flat out walking. It was very emotional because as someone who stood quite tall, I found that I was in a hole that was so deep, I didn't think I'd ever get out of it.

I think Shine are doing a marvellous job. I find it encouraging that we do have people that will go to bat for the underdog or the guy who can't do it for himself. The thing that we really are looking for here is not the money but to allow Shine Lawyers to bring this company to account.

I'm optimistic because they're batting hard for everyone, I know that. Whether they win or lose, I'm going to buy them a drink because I know that they've walked a hard mile, I can tell you."

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