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Shine Lawyers | Employee Story | Lily Bussell-Poole

New to Law? How Lily found her powerful platform for success

For Lily Bussell-Poole, every case matters. Whether it’s a major claim or not, this devoted personal injury lawyer is the person you want to empower you through the legal system.

Since earning her spot in our Graduate Program, Lily has seized every opportunity to step up and grow into the incredible client advocate she is today. Supported by leaders who value her contribution, she’s confident Shine’s powerful platform for success will continue to lift her to new heights.

A place to achieve and grow

Most people enter personal injury law with the goal of helping others. But Lily truly understands how a successful outcome can significantly change a person’s life.

Although she has always been motivated and dedicated to seeking justice, it wasn’t until she began her university degree that she found her real purpose.

Lily stumbled onto the personal injury law path by chance, and kick started her career in the industry through Shine’s four-week Clerkship Program. We were so impressed by Lily’s drive that we offered her a Paralegal position while she completed her final year of study.

"I learned so much during that year - it was a really valuable experience. When the time came, I was able to apply for a graduate role with the firm."

Lily was successful and joined us in our Sunshine office in 2018. From day one, she was actively involved in legal work, including client meetings, court attendances and drafting memos and documents. Most of all, Lily connected with like-minded lawyers who were as passionate about standing up for the little guy as she was.

Now, Lily has truly found the place for her at Shine. We believe our team is only as strong as each individual’s commitment to making a difference, and with people like Lily leading the way, we’re confident the future is bright.

Freedom to succeed

Growing up in the rural city of Wangaratta, a young Lily always dreamed of moving to the big smoke. She experienced Melbourne life through university and her first years at Shine; the hustle and bustle was everything she hoped for.

After almost a decade away, Lily was eager to be closer to her family, so she made the decision to move back to her hometown. In her free time, Lily enjoys visiting the picturesque wine region of King Valley and spending time with her partner on his farm. We were happy to accomodate and create the best of both worlds for Lily, who now works remotely from her new house and travel to our Sunshine and Wangaratta banches when needed.

For Lily, it’s the people at Shine who set us apart from other firms. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie, and she can always find support when it’s needed. And because she’s part of an authentic team that has her back, Lily says the work she does means so much more.

Lily has achieved a great deal in her time with Shine, and we can't wait to see her continute to thrive. So, if you also wanted to be backed to seize opportunities and create a remarkable career, Lily has the following advice..

“Be open to new experiences and take initiative on cases. If you’re coming on as a new lawyer, act like a big sponge and take it all in. Parts of our job can be quite challenging, but it’s such an amazing opportunity. It’s a privilege to stand up for people who have suffered life-changing injuries, and at Shine, we are motivated to make a difference to our clients’ lives.”

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