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How do Perth’s young drivers measure up?

Although Western Australian road death tolls are lower than ever, they are still 1.1% above the National rate. 161 people died on Western Australian roads in 2015 and the majority of these people were aged 25 to 29.

An independent study commissioned by Shine Lawyers has revealed some concerning behaviours among young Western Australian drivers.

Young drivers need help staying awake

The study found that Western Australian drivers are above the national average of 31% when it comes to relying on energy drinks, No Doz or prescription drugs to help them stay awake. In fact, 34% of young Western Australian drivers aged 18 to 34 admitted to it. Energy drinks are the most popular with 25% relying on these while driving. In 2015, 16 fatalities were cause by fatigue.

Of the same age group, 36% continue to use their mobile phones while driving without Bluetooth or hands free. These drivers are using their phone to take and make calls (33%), manage maps or GPS (32%), respond and send texts (22%) and manage their music (19%). In 2015, 13 fatalities were cause by inattention-related crashes caused by activities mentioned above.

woman using a smart phone in car

State funding to help improve road safety

The State Government has announced that it will be allocating $145.7million to road safety for 2016-2017. This will be allocated as follows:
  • $6.8 million will be spent on extra red lights and speed cameras across the state
  • $28 million to improve outcomes of run-off road crashes strategy
  • $7.8 million on the Wheatbelt Highway Safety Review
  • $11.2 million on an Excessive Speed Strategy
  • $600,000 Mental Health treatment for offenders who receive an alcohol interlock device
  • $24.2 million on upgrades to make road safer
To find out more about road safety upgrades and how to be safer on the road visit the Road Safety Commission WA website,

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: June 21, 2016.

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