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NSW cyclists face higher fines and must carry photo ID under new laws

nsw cyclists law

From March 1, all cyclists over the age of 18 must carry photo ID in case of emergency or law breaking.  Fines will also increase from $71 to anything up to $425, depending on the offence. Fines include:

  • Running a red light – $425
  • Riding dangerously - $425
  • Not stopping at a pedestrian crossing - $425
  • Holding onto a moving vehicle – $319
  • Failing to wear a helmet – $319
  • Failing to have photo ID - $106 (after March 2017)
  • Riding at night without lights - $106
However, the new laws don’t just affect cyclists. All drivers must leave at least 1 metre between the car and cyclist when driving 60 kilometres or less and 1.5 metres at higher speeds. Those who fail to meet this requirement will be fined $319 and lose 2 demerit points.

When approaching a cyclist, drivers are advised to:

  • Keep to the left of centre of the road
  • Keep to the left of centre of the dividing line
  • Stay off the dividing strip
  • Stay off the painted island
  • Drive within your lane
  • Move to another lane where possible

On average, 11 cyclists are killed and 1500 are seriously injured in NSW every year. The NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has said the laws have been changed to improve the safety of all road users based on discussions with cyclists and drivers.

If you are or have been involved in a cycling accident, there are legal options. If you take action within three years of your accident you may be eligible to claim medical and hospital expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and costs of help you received.

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: January 4, 2016.

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