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Dale's story: How going the extra mile can make a big difference

In October 2016, Luke Pearcy’s client Dale was involved in a cycling accident with a motorist. It wasn’t the early morning ride he had planned, instead he was knocked off his bike and suffered a fractured coccyx (that’s the tailbone at the base of his spine).

Initially this case looked like it would be a modest claim: liability was admitted by the driver and Dale was able to return to his job as an IT technician not long after the accident.

Going the extra mile

After speaking with Dale’s Managing Director, Luke learned that prior to his injury Dale had been hand-picked for a major promotion that would have effectively doubled his income. Dale attempted this role after his injury but was unable to effectively perform in the role and thereby lost the opportunity. His promotion involved travel within Australia, and in this instance, Dale and his Manager flew to Melbourne to deliver a presentation for a large client. Dale was in tremendous pain throughout the flight and as a result was forced to sit out the client presentation. His Manager delivered the presentation solo; unfortunately it didn’t go to plan and they almost lost the client.

The result

With a highly supportive employer statement from Dale’s Managing Director, the value of the claim increased significantly and we were able to settle for $290,000 plus costs.

Dale was delighted with the outcome and incredibly grateful for our support throughout the process of his claim. He’s also back on his bike, although he’s not cycling the same distances he was prior to his injury.

At the end of his matter, Dale sent us a letter of thanks - here’s an excerpt:

“I chose Shine Lawyers to represent me and from the initial phone call to the settlement of my case I have nothing but praise for Luke Pearcy and his team. Having had no expertise with the legal system before Luke went that extra yard to ensure that I understood the processes involved in compensation claims. At every major step of the process Luke ensured that I was comfortable with what was going on and what the outcomes were likely to be. This took a lot of the stress out of the process as there were No Surprises. I was extremely pleased with the final outcome… and would gladly recommend Luke to anyone who has the need for legal support for compensation claims.”

Well done to Luke Pearcy, and paralegal Tanya Krieger for delivering outstanding client service and a great outcome for Dale.

Written by Shine Lawyers. Last modified: June 12, 2018.

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