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Our History

It all started in 1976 in Toowoomba, Queensland. A country lawyer by the name of Kerry Shine wanted to do things differently and believed in always putting his clients first. He went on to become Queensland’s Attorney General but before he left, he made sure his vision would be carried on to help many more.

Kerry taught Simon Morrison (Managing Director) and Stephen Roche the ways of righting wrong. By carrying on Kerry’s vision, imparting their own down to earth wisdom and creating a community of like-minded people, Simon, Stephen and the team took Shine Lawyers from strength to strength. As we look toward the future, we’re excited to be able to help more clients than ever before.

There have been many landmark cases won, wrongs righted and battles fought for our clients. We’ve never been afraid to rock the boat or challenge the norm. We aren’t a typical law firm, and we love that. We do anything for the people who place their trust in us and we’ll always give our clients everything we’ve got because that’s who we are (and how we work).

Where we live

We’re an Australian owned company with local branches and local people. You'll find our many branches throughout Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. But we can help you wherever you are. Over the border or overseas, it’s all too easy.

We know life can be crazy enough so we won’t make you break your back to find us. We’re happy to come to you or wherever you feel most comfortable. It’s all about making it easy so we can help get you back on track, as quickly as possible.

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