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Tracey Ryan

Tracey Ryan is the Legal Practice Manager and Special Counsel at Shine Lawyers’ Dalby office who oversees the area of Private Client Services and heads the national Wills and Estates practice of the firm.

Tracey trained with a general practice background, but for over 15 years her primary area of practice has been Wills and Estates. She is regularly involved in family provisions claims, constructive trust claims, complex estate planning matters and estate administration. Tracey has been with Shine Lawyers since 2012, when the firm she was a partner of was acquired by Shine Lawyers.

Having always had an interest in the law, Tracey began her legal career when she was just 15, working after school and during the school holidays in a law firm. Once Tracey had a taste of working in law at this young age, she never considered pursuing any other career.

Working at Shine Lawyers, Tracey loves all the different people she gets to meet, including members of the Shine Group; but it’s the relationships she has with her clients that are the most important.

“The best client relationships are based on finding common interests early in the relationship and taking a genuine interest in their lives. Every client has an interesting and unique story to share,” Tracey explains. “While it can be heartbreaking to hear some of our clients’ difficult stories, being able to find resolutions for them and, in some circumstances, completely changing their lives makes it all worthwhile.”

Tracey helps to change her clients’ lives by assisting them to obtain finances to secure their future, planning for future anticipated problems, implementing steps to try and avoid later disputes and by helping get answers in sometimes very complicated family situations.

“I really enjoy helping a client solve a problem, seeing them smile, even when sometimes they give me a bit of cheek,” says Tracey. “It really is all about the relationships you form and about getting the client back on the right track. It is such a rewarding career and no two days are ever the same. Every day there are new challenges to face and new problems to help solve which keeps you motivated and looking for new ways to solve issues.”

Since joining the Shine Group, I have had the privilege of leading the firm’s Private Client Services team. Our team have been advocating for deserving Australians living in the country, including primary producers, families and local businesses. We live and work in the communities that we serve, so we truly understand our clients’ unique needs. We specialise in all aspects of: Estate Litigation; Wills & Estate Planning; Landholder Disputes; Resource Activity; Civil Litigation; Planning & Environment Court Matters; and Conveyancing, Property & Leasing.

Our rural background and thorough industry knowledge, including farming matters and property values, ensures we have the right mix of expertise and experience to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

While Tracey is inspired every day by her clients, it seems that Tracey herself is an inspiration to others. Tracey says that being awarded the Inspirational Leadership Award in 2017 has been the most unexpected moment during her career at Shine Lawyers. Although to her Shine Lawyers' family, it wasn’t unexpected at all.

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