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Rebecca Jancauskas

Rebecca Jancauskas is Practice Leader of Shine Lawyers’ Class Actions department. For over 13 years, Rebecca has been at the forefront of some of Shine Lawyers’ most high profile and complex cases, helping to obtain justice for thousands of people of who have suffered injury and loss as a result of environmental damage, defective products, financial mismanagement and human rights abuses.

Rebecca decided to become a lawyer as she wanted to help everyday people, and having gained some experience in criminal, immigration and family law, felt that damages-based litigation would be the right fit. After spending three years in London working in banking and finance and mergers and acquisitions, she returned home and helped establish Shine Lawyers’ class actions practice. It was then that Rebecca felt that she had really found her niche.

Working in class action litigation is both exciting and challenging. Having the opportunity to make a difference on a large scale is what excites Rebecca the most.

“The fact that no two cases are the same is one of the most appealing aspects, but is also the most challenging,” says Rebecca. “Each action requires our team to acquire entirely new knowledge, and to become experts in discreet and often obscure areas of science, medicine, legislation, corporate governance or history.”

Hearing and understanding a person’s story is key when Rebecca meets a new client, and is the first step in identifying how she can help her clients to reclaim their lives.

“No amount of money can ever undo or truly make up for the wrong or harm people have suffered,” says Rebecca, “but achieving compensation on their behalf is a way of helping to get them as close to the position they were in beforehand.”

Rebecca was vital to securing settlement in the Class Action against DePuy for defective hip replacements, and helped residents to recover damages for their homes that were impacted by contamination and subsidence from a landfill. She is also spearheading the Class Actions against Johnson & Johnson and American Medical Systems over their pelvic mesh implants.

Along with incredible professional moments, Shine Lawyers has also been the catalyst for personal milestones, with Rebecca meeting her now husband, who at the time also worked at Shine Lawyers.

Rebecca’s favourite part of her workday is engaging with her team members to solve problems or share success. This keeps her motivated to fight for the clients she represents, those taking a stand against large companies or government bodies who have done the wrong thing and believe they can get away with it.

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