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A dedicated mum to two active little boys, Mary had big dreams and aspirations until a tragic accident changed everything.

Mary was an active 34-year-old mother and was dedicated to her two little boys, Brock and Tory. She had unlimited energy for life and was always striving to push herself out of her comfort zone. Mary dreamt of becoming a truck driver and felt that pursuing this profession would enable her to support her family, while also satisfying her sense of adventure and need for flexibility.

It was an evening in early Spring when Mary approached an intersection with her two young sons safely buckled in the back of the car. Time slowed as an oncoming four-wheel drive began to veer into Mary's path. She tried to avoid the vehicle but there was nowhere for her to go and the four-wheel drive smashed into her car at full speed.

Thankfully, her boys were safe. Mary, however, suffered severe injuries including a shattered foot, injured shin, dislocated ankle, two broken femurs and a cracked hip. To date, she has endured 18 harrowing surgeries. During one of these surgeries, pins were screwed into Mary's bone marrow to secure her knees and hips in place. In another, she narrowly survived a blood clot in her lung.

Shine Lawyers | Mary recovering after her accident

"It's safe to say I've been through the hurt locker."

Mary says she came to Shine Lawyers as a broken woman, with her dream of becoming a truck driver in pieces. Mary was robbed of the chance to support her family, with employers refusing to give her a go because they believed she would be a liability.

Mary was no longer the happy, care-free and 'up for anything' person she was before the incident. She had been deprived of the simple activities she treasured like running around with her children or camping with her family. She described her formerly free world as being, in many ways, overtaken by pain.

Mary went through the legal process with Shine in search of justice. Despite the crippling severity of her injuries, the man who hit Mary never demonstrated remorse and his insurance company fought against covering her necessary medical treatment.

Shine Lawyers took up Mary's fight and helped her recover compensation for her medical costs. Mary says that her legal team took a strong stand on her behalf and really put the pressure on the other side to do the right thing. Although the impact of the accident will remain with Mary for life, in some small way, she feels that justice has been done.

Mary is moving on with her new life, using her experience to make our roads safer. Mary wants to use her story to raise awareness of the lifelong consequences that dangerous driving can have on the lives of other road users, and the responsibilities all drivers have to those around them.

Mary is thankful for the assistance she received in her journey towards justice. With Shine Lawyers' help, Mary now has the support she needs to get her life back on track.

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