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Kim is someone who always cared and looked after others, so it was a difficult transformation when she became dependant on others after a nasty vehicle accident.

Kim’s children have always stood at the heart of all she’s done. She was a mother, a teacher, a giver and a soother of pain. In her work as a home care assistant, she was no different. She looked out for the vulnerable, the injured and the lonely and supported them through their darkest times. She loved her work and would have continued until the day she retired. With a job that fulfilled her and allowed her to provide for her family, Kim felt that she was in control of her future and there was no reason for her life to change.

In 2012, Kim’s life was thrown into disarray when the car she was travelling in was struck at speed. The other driver had turned across her path without warning, t-boning her vehicle and leaving Kim trapped and severely injured. After she was cut from the vehicle and rushed to emergency, doctors had to work quickly to save Kim’s foot from amputation. Her foot, leg, sternum and ribs were damaged extensively and it was six months before Kim was released from hospital care.

Shine Lawyers | Kim at her home after during her recovery

Kim was used to caring for others and never thought she would one day need the same support. However after her injury, Kim was forced to be the dependant, the isolated and the fearful.

For four years, she was restricted to a wheelchair, unable to drive and unable to return to the work she loved. Kim became a different person and felt that she had almost lost everything.

Kim was entitled to a range of financial support from the insurer of the at-fault vehicle; support that would better enable her to regain control and get back on her feet. But when obstacles were unfairly thrown in Kim’s path, she needed a team behind her that had the skill and strength to speak out on her behalf. Kim and her legal team took her battle forward and were able to secure the funds that Kim and her family needed to get their lives back on track.

Kim says the Shine Lawyers team treated her with respect and represented her as though she were a member of their own family. She says they came for home visits while she was unable to drive and helped her access the care and treatment she needed. Kim says that with Shine and a team of medical specialists behind her, her path to recovery began.

While her accident led to one of the most difficult times in her life, Kim says the dark times revealed her resilience and she now feels ten times stronger than before. At her 50th Birthday celebrations last year, Kim was up walking without aide for the first time in years and it was clear that a new chapter had begun; a chapter for travel, for adventure, for doing the things she loves but also, doing what she can to help others who are suffering like she once was. Kim has just returned from her first overseas boat cruise and is now volunteering her time to support others facing crisis following injury.

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