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Dudley had been a hard worker all his life until an unexpected stroke occurred and his whole world changed.

Dizzy and losing his balance, Dudley sought medical attention and discovered he'd had a stroke. Dudley was unable to work again and decided to make a claim through his superannuation.

"In claims like this there is a significant power imbalance between the insurance companies and clients of ours,” says Melissa O’Neill, Shine Lawyers Superannuation law expert. "I’m passionate about making sure that that power imbalance doesn’t affect our clients’ rights and ability to access justice.”

Of making a claim with the insurance company, Dudley says: “The process was horrendous, because they wouldn’t talk to me. They wouldn’t return my calls. They put me on hold for an hour and a half, until you just ran out of patience. By sheer luck, I was sitting up one night because I couldn’t sleep, and I saw an ad for Shine Lawyers.

Shine Lawyers | Dudley at his home

“Shine Lawyers covered everything for me. They did all the meetings, they kept me informed weekly. If anything else popped up they let me know. In the end they got me my payout.

“They payout was a real burden lifted off our shoulders. We were able to secure our future which took a real worry off our mind,” says Dudley.

Letting people know that their claim has accepted is one of the best bits of the job, says Melissa.

“We live to make calls like that. Our clients have had a lot of uncertainty to date and once they have the ability to make choices for their future that gives us a real sense of satisfaction that we’ve been able to help someone who’s had some really bad luck in their life,” Melissa explains.

If you believe you may be able to make a claim on your superannuation, Shine Lawyers superannuation law experts may be able to help.

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