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Dean was cycling to work and had almost arrived when in a split second, his life changed.

Dean was cycling to work and was just 100 metres from his destination when a car coming in the opposite direction turned right and hit him. Flung from his bike, Dean suffered injuries to both of his shoulders and hip as he hit the ground. This began years of painful recovery for Dean.

Immediately after the accident, Dean needed to be in a sling. He had torn ligaments in his right shoulder which then required an operation to repair the damage. His left shoulder was also damaged and continued to deteriorate over the years to the point where an operation was also required to repair the damage.

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Enduring the physical and financial costs of the accident, Dean began to think that it wasn’t right that he was suffering due to something that wasn’t his fault.

Dean wanted to understand what his rights were and decided to call Shine Lawyers to see if they could help. He was soon speaking to a lawyer who helped him understand the legal process, his rights and pursue the justice he rightfully deserved.

Waiting more than five years before calling Shine Lawyers, meant that Dean nearly lost his opportunity to make a claim due to the strict time limits imposed on cycling accident cases. His dedicated legal team immediately started working through his case and handled everything from organising him to see a specialist to looking after his claim with the TAC.

Shine Lawyers successfully resolved Dean’s case, recovering the financial losses he had incurred and negotiating the long term entitlements and compensation he deserved.

Shine Lawyers were fantastic, they handled everything and kept me informed the whole way. I would recommend them to anyone. The compensation has alleviated so much stress and now I can retire in July, which is something to look forward to,” says Dean.

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