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Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 Compensation

Shine Lawyers Aviation Department will manage litigation and any legal and quasi-legal efforts which may be required to access justice on behalf of those affected by the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The alternative/complementary approaches to seeking compensation from Malaysia Airlines are explained below.

This page explains claims for compensation against Malaysia Airlines under the Montreal Convention, which will be the primary right of families who have lost a loved one on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, and the other kinds of claims which may exist concurrently.

This information is provided to assist families of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and help them understand their legal rights and the sources of assistance and compensation they may be entitled to.

Update October 2015

Shine Lawyers is laying the framework for a large scale action against Malaysia Airlines on behalf of relatives of MH17 passengers. Go to MH17 Class action page for more info.

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