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Stolen Wages Class Action Investigation

Shine Lawyers is investigating legal action on behalf of thousands of Indigenous Australians who were negatively impacted by wage control legislation that was in effect from the late 1800s until the 1970s.

Millions could be owed to indigenous workers in stolen wages

The firm is examining allegations that tens of thousands of indigenous workers across Australia never received their wages which were held in government controlled trust accounts. These affected Indigenous workers were employed in many different industries and held roles such as stockmen, farm hands, laundry assistants, kitchen hands, labourers and domestic workers. In many cases, these workers never received part or any of their wages.

Shine Lawyers' Investigation

Shine Lawyers is proud to work with, and have the support of Litigation Lending Services. Litigation Lending Services funded the Hans Pearson v State of Queensland, Class Action, which on Tuesday, 9 July 2019 achieved a $190 million in-principle settlement, marking an important step in the national reconciliation process.

Cairns-based law firm Bottoms English Lawyers (BELAW) are running an action against the State Government of Queensland, Hans Pearson v State of Queensland, on behalf of indigenous Australians whose wages were withheld, while Shine Lawyers is looking into a similar actions in the other Australian states. You can read more of Hans Pearson's story here.

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Shine Lawyers will be working on behalf of thousands of deserving workers and their families to recover the wages they lost because of state wage control legislation.

If you or a member of your family has been negatively affected by wage control legislation, get in touch with Shine today using the form below. If you were a Queensland resident when affected by this, Cairns-based BELAW can assist you with your claim.

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