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Supporting clients through the legal process and allowing them to move on with their lives is why Sarah works at Shine Lawyers. A solicitor with the Head Trauma practice, Sarah works with clients to whom compensation is vital for them to receive the medical, financial and support services they require.  

The legal industry is intimidating for most. Being the bridge between real people and achieving justice is what I value.

Before joining the Head Trauma practice, Sarah worked in Personal Injury claims. Sarah spent a 10-month period volunteering her time working on family and domestic violence matters. This volunteer spell is where she discovered her desire to advocate for ordinary people, who otherwise couldn’t afford to seek justice.  

Sarah studied both law and business at the Queensland University of Technology, graduating with honours, and was admitted as a lawyer later that year. She is fluent in both English and Arabic.  

To find out more about Sarah, or the Head Trauma practice, contact us.  

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