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Sara Wainwright is driven by the opportunity to achieve justice for her clients. A Solicitor in Class Actions, Sara and her team’s work has supported Australians who’ve been wronged stand up to big business and government.  

Our class actions can really make a difference, as well as bring about change in industries for the better.

Sara spent several years working in healthcare before deciding to pursue a career in law. She joined Shine Lawyers as a clerk, working while she completed her law degree at the University of Queensland. During her studies, Sara volunteered at legal clinics including the Environmental Defender’s Office and the UQ Pro Bono Centre.  

I chose this career in law because I am passionate about helping people and ensuring everyone has access to justice. 

Sara’s work in Class Actions allows her the opportunity to put her values into practice. Through the American Medical System Class Action Investigation, Sara and the team are fighting to deliver justice to women who have suffered a devastating impact on their quality of life.   

To find out more about Sara or Class Actions, contact our Brisbane branch.  

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