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Ry Richardson


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Location: Brisbane
Joined: 2020

Practice Area(s)
  • Abuse Law
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  • Queensland Law Society Member

Ry Richardson

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With a passion for standing up for the vulnerable, Ry Richardson works in Shine Lawyers’ Abuse Law practice, representing victims of abuse.  

In my role I see how resolving a client’s claim means they can move forward with their lives and create a positive future for themselves. 

Ry was inspired to become a lawyer in part due to her experience assisting her parents, who are from a non-English speaking background. Through acting as an interpreter, Ry discovered her drive to assist people like her parents who struggled to understand their legal rights, through no fault of their own.  

Explaining the legal journey in a way the client can understand is important to Ry. When a close friend of hers was injured in a car accident, Ry saw how stressful it can be for an injured person to try and pursue justice. She knows that clear, consistent communication with a client is key to making the legal process go smoothly.  

Ry studied a dual Bachelor of Laws and Commerce at Griffith University, afterwards being admitted as a lawyer in 2005. She is fluent in Khmer.  

For more information on Ry or her work in Abuse Law, contact us.  

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